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Harry Main has just dropped HARRYMANIA 2 and trust us when we say the wait was worth it. Harry is a Liverpool local and world class BMX Pro for Monster Energy, Vans, Hyper and Skullcandy to name a few. He is constantly breaking boundaries and pushing his BMX to the absolute limits. When he’s not flying around the world competing in contests and filming insane videos like this one, you can find him effortlessly killing the Rampworx Jump Box!

We had to watch this video a few time just to process what we witnessed. We are not sure if it’s Harrys Vans shoes that are some how defying gravity or if its new signature model from Hyper, but this guy is defying the rules of gravity.

Harry Main Broken Teeth HARRYMANIA 2

Harry teamed up with another talented Liverpudlian Matty Lambert, who is one of the best videographers in the game, to bring you guys our favourite video of the year!! Now we would be lying if we didn’t say that we have been counting down the days for this HARRYMANIA instalment, and is was well worth the wait. Click play, enjoy and share this video with yoru friends and show them what BMX is about!!

Harry Main Signature BMX HARRYMANIA 2

Video: ScootFest North at Rampworx 2014

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The official ScootFest edit is up from ScootFest North at Rampworx Skatepark. The guys at ScootFest put on a great event over the course of the weekend with riders traveling from all over the world to come and compete in the UK’s biggest skatepark. Make sure you keep checking our event page for all upcoming events!


Video: Stephen Swain x Undercover is unreal!

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Stephen Swain is without doubt one of the most talented bladers on the planet, fact! This guy can go head to head with anyone on any obstacle and more often than not he will leave them thinking, how did he do that?


No stranger to the Rampworx Jump Boxes this guy makes aerial tricks look effortless combined with his ability to lace every grind you can think of, switch is a very dangerous combination. We remember when Steve was just a kid driving from Yorkshire to Rampworx most weekends to be able to practice tricks he wanted to perfect. 10 years later he’s still doing it, currently residing in France and traveling around the competition circuit (and winning) this guy shows no sign of slowing down.

Make sure you pick up some wheels from Rampworx Shop!

Video: Paul Ryan x Street Plaza

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Paul Ryan and Matty Lambert teamed up to bring this amazing edit in the Rampworx Street Plaza. When you have a rider with the capabilities of Paul and a man as skilled as Matty Lambert behind the camera you know that your in for a treat.


Video: Gary Spencer BMX is a machine!

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Gary Spencer is a Rampworx local and is without a doubt one rider everyone should be keeping an eye out for. This guy has an unreal trick vocabulary and shows no sign of slowing down. Huge Transfer, crazy spins, this guy is just a machine. Gary rides for Sentient who just put out this sick video, you need to watch this.


Spotlight: Owen Page | BMX

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We Invited one of our most local riders; Owen Page, to film his own spotlight. After having many edits and an appearance in Rampworx Trilight we knew it was his time to shine. This kid loves his 360s and his whips; but its how high he goes and how consistent he is that really make him stand out. Make sure you keep an eye out for this guy the next time you are in the skatepark!


Filmed and edited by Ste Melia.

Video: Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline 2014

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As a charity itself Rampworx Skatepark works closely with other organisations across the country to help improve young peoples lives. Last year we invited a charity from Chernobyl that helps give opportunities to young people affected by the Chernobyl Disaster. These young people have never seen a skatepark before let alone use one, so we like to open their eyes to the different types of sports that are out there in the world.


Rampworx organised a closed coaching session with Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline to give the young people a chance at riding BMX’s, Scooters, Skateboards and Inline Skates for the first time, and they loved it! Sport is such a great way to bring people together from all over the world, even if you don’t speak the same language or have never tried out the sport before.

Each of the young people that attended got to take home a Rampworx Goodie bag full of bits to remind them of their visit to England!

Filmed and edited by Molly Edwards.

Video: Chris Williams Park Edit

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Chris Williams is a Rampworx local and has been for as long as we can remember. Chris has just released this NEW park edit of himself killing it at a bunch of different skateparks across the UK. Rumor has it that this guy managed to destroy 3 pairs of skates filming for this video, go big or go home! Chris Williams at Rampworx Skatepark Photo Matt Dearden

Video: Dialed Scooter Comp 2014

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Dialed took place at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool on May 10th and featured some of the best stunt scooter riders on the planet battling it out for the #1 spot in the UK’s biggest skatepark!

We had some of the biggest names in the sport turn up to compete at the event from 2 time world champion and Lucky Pro rider Dakota Schuetz to UK heavyweights Lewis Williams (Crisp Pro) and  Ryan McNamara (Grit Pro).

The contest was split into 3 different contests. The first event was the AM contest which allowed the top 10 riders to progress through into the pro comp, this is where the next big riders can be found. Next we progressed onto the Street Plaza contest which was ran in a best trick format with the winner taking home a cool £200! Finally we moved onto the main event, the Pro contest! The winner of this contest would walk away with £1000 cash and the title of the first Dialed Comp Champion.

Dialed Sponsorship Page 1

This event was only made possible through the amazing support from our sponsors Crisp Scooters, Grit Scooters, Lucky Scooters, Ripped Knees Scooter Shop, Chilli Pro Scooters, Zinc Scooters, AO Scooters, Elyts Shoes, 841 Wheels, Rapture Hardware, Slamm Scooters, Scoot Mag and MGP Action Sports. Please support these brands and help them continue to support you the riders!

1. Dakota Schuetz / £1000
2. Ryan McNamara / £500
3. Lewis Williams / £200
4. Archie Cole
5. Mason Leonardi
6. Luke Churchill
7. Fin Daly
8. Martin Nogol
9. Hunter Schuetz
10. Dan Avery
11. Soly Bloomfield
12. Jamie Hull
13. Stan Ash
14. Sam Kefford
15. Ollie Murphy
16. Brad Ackerman
17. Louis Rumens
18. Chay Lane
19. Enzo Commeau
20. Jacques Honour
21. Darren Simpson
22. Jake Taylor
23. Callum Edge
24. Jack Keenan
25. Jay Simpson
26. Charlotte Worthington
27. Kyle Cropper
28. Moltar Schuzlakey
29. Charley Dyson
30. Jordan Davies-Radford
31. Jake Smith
32. Owen Mcnamara
33. Liam Griffiths
34. Jack Williams
35. Elliott Arnold
36. Paul Sahm
37. Liam Nythe
38. Tom Holt
39. Devon Low

Enzo Commeau

1. Fin Daly
2. Darren Simpson
3. Sam Kefford
4. Callum Edge
5. Jordan Davies-Radford
6. Jay Simpson
7. Liam Nythe
8. Louis Rumens
9. Owen Mcnamara
10. Jack Williams
11. Charley Dyson
12. Dexter Williams
13. Oli Spooner
14. Charlie Doyle
15. Alex Batista
16. Kian Nythe
17. Leo Grant
18. Alfie Mann
19. Mike Chinn
20. Roy Savage
21. Jacob Dean
22. Nathaniel Anderson
23. Ellis
24. Elliot Anderson
25. George Anderson


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