Video: Ground Control Bails Section

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Unfortunately learning to fall is part of doing an Action Sport. You are going to fall, and surprisingly it gets a little easier to handle the more you do it. Learning to fall and roll away safely or with minimal injuries is a technique we all perfect. Pick a shoulder and learn to roll!! However no matter how good you are, sometimes your tricks don’t go according to plan and you have a bail! It’s tradition in most skate/BMX DVD’s to have a bails section to show everyone the hard work that went into getting the clips from your favourite section.

Alex Burston Bail

Rollerbladers tend to have some of the worst bails due to being strapped into skates, they have to land with their equipment on, they can’t throw it away and it can result in some pretty nasty bails.


Everyone knew that the latest Ground Control DVD was going to be epic and with an epic DVD comes an epic bails section. Some of these guys take some serious bails. Check out the bails section from the Ground Control DVD above.

Edited by Simon Mulvaney.

Video: Rampworx Skatepark BMX Halloween Allnighter 2013

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Once again we hosted our infamous BMX Halloween Allnighter at the skatepark! Over 300 people turned up to ride the skatepark all night, it was crazy! Riders from all over the country ventured up to Liverpool to come and session with their friends. As usual the fancy dress was out in full force with everything from Freddie Kruger to the Beach Boys making an appearance.


Big shout out to everyone that made it down to the event and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some more BMX events next year!

Filmed and Edited by Ste Melia.

Video: Leon Perkins BMX 2013

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Leon Perkins does not look at a skatepark like your average BMX rider. He starts looking at crazy transfers most riders wouldn’t even dream about, but he does them without thinking twice.

Leon Perkins Crash Bloody Arm

Leon is a machine when he is on his bike, he has a huge physical presence inside a skatepark and reaches insane speeds and heights with ease. It is almost as if you are watching a video game with the “go big or go home” cheat activated. This is why you need to watch his latest video, precisely 10 years on from his first BMX edit when he was just 15 years old. Check it out.

Video: Razors #YOUCALLIT at SlammJamm

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The Razors UK team visited Rampworx last month for the longest running blading contest in the UK SlammJamm. The team was out in full force for the weekend rocking the latest Razors SL Skate and the Razors Jenna Skate.

Razors UK #youcallit

The Razors team decided to let you guys decide what tricks they should do that weekend for a #YOUCALLIT session. All you had to do to get the Razors Pros to pull your trick was head on over to the Razors Facebook Page and post up a trick you want them to do! Pretty cool idea!

Razors UK #youcallit

Well you guys inundated Razors with #YOUCALLIT requests for the Pros to do. These guys (and girls) started staking up clips left right and centre. Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands, Jamie Stenner, Alex Burston, Rosie O’Donoghue and Jenna Downing all killed it!


You can pick up the skates these guys are rocking in the video at the and get FREE Delivery!

Video: Bake Frames x Street Plaza

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Bake Frames have been killing it in the Blading scene over the past year, these boys have invented an amazing UFS Frame that will make grinding easier and skating more fun!

Pete Dearden Bake Frames

One Monday last month the Bake Frames team escaped the cold weather and headed to the skatepark for a closed door session in our NEW Street Plaza. Check out what these boys got up to shredding the new plaza in there Bake Frames!

Russel Shaw
Andy Birch
Alex Brunton
Michael Dawson
Ash Gavin
Pete Dearden

Filmed and edited by Jordan Jones.

Video: Street Plaza | Paul Ryan & Phil Demattia | BMX

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Rampworx Skatepark has expanded it’s current skatepark in Liverpool by 15,000 square feet making it the largest indoor skatepark in the UK at 70,000 square feet. Designed by John Saxton (Woodward, X-Games) this Street Plaza has everything you need to have the perfect session.

Paul Ryan Rampworx Street Plaza

We have some amazing local riders at our skatepark, the level of talent in the North West is just crazy. We asked two of our local riders to test out our NEW Street Plaza.
Now who better to test out a Street Plaza then one of the best Street Riders on the planet? Liverpool native Paul Ryan (Mongoose, Shadow, Nike) has been supporting Rampworx since day one. You can be sure to see Paul riding the park when he is not jet setting all over the world competing in some of the biggest contests on the planet!

Phil Demattia Rampworx Street Plaza

Another local Phil Demattia was on hand, not only is he a sick rider, but this guy has some serious skills hidden up his sleeve. From building rails to destroying them in video sections Phil can do it all!

Matty Lambert Rampworx

However, the talent in Liverpool does not end at riding. We also have some of the best creative talent in the industry up here as well. Matty Lambert is another loyal Rampworx supporter and we have seen him come on leaps and bounds from his early days filming in the park with his friends (who coincidentally are now all pro). He is now one of the most in demand videographers in the Action Sports industry! He has a client list that most people would kill for Nike to Red Bull and Monster Energy the list goes on. Matty was on hand to capture these two great riders having fun in our new Street Plaza, check it out.

COTW: Andy “Evs” Evans – Backside 360

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Local Skateboard rider Andy Evans (Supra Footwear, Lost Art, Krew Clothing) gets this weeks Clip of the Week with an Backside 360 down the 5 set! Filmed at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool is the biggest skatepark in the UK at 70,000 square feet. Edited by Ste Melia.


To find out more information about skateboarding check out this link!

To buy a skateboard check out our online shop!

Centre Stage: Jay Hobson

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Jay Hobson is one of the best up and coming BMX talents in the UK. This guy has an insane amount of skill and his trick vocabulary is just nuts. If you have ever seen him riding then you know what we are talking about. Jay throws some insane tricks in this video, (check 1:46) from 360 Double Whips to 720 Bars, this guy has some serious tricks up his sleeves and reminds us of certain Liverpool Pro.

Jay Hobson Center Stage

We invited Jay down to Rampworx Skatepark to shoot our first “Centre Stage” video. Our Centre Stage videos will showcase some of the more elite riders that come to our skatepark on a regular basis to practice and ride.

Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool is the biggest skatepark in the UK at 70,000 square feet.

Filmed and Edited by Ste Melia.


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