Rampworx Charity Awards

Rampworx has experienced reasonable success in recent years and this has been reflected in the number of nominations and awards it has been nominated for.

Ride UK Reader Awards – Skatepark of the year – 2013 & 2015

Rampworx was voted skatepark of the year by the readers of Ride UK Magazine. This is a very prestigious award for a skatepark to win and we are extremely grateful for all of your votes. This is also the second skatepark of the year award Rampworx won in 2013.

Social Enterprise Network Growth Award – 2012

Rampworx is pleased to report that it was nominated and, subsequently won the Merseyside Social Enterprise of the Year Award. This is a prestigious award that recognises organisations like ours who provide a good service to its users in the area. It is thanks to the dedication and the hard work of the whole Rampworx team that we managed to win this Award. Most of all its you guys who come through our doors week in and week out and keep our skatepark open.

Skatepark of the Year – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

Rampworx was awarded skatepark of the year 3 years running between 2009 and 2011. This is a proud achievement for the facility as it is judged by people within the industry. Its getting more and more competitive as other skateparks up their game and offer better quality services. Therefore, we will keep working hard to offer you the best facilities available; in particular our new extension, which will make us officially the largest skatepark in Europe.

Active Club Award – 2010

In 2010, Rampworx successfully acquired Active Club Award status. The Active Club Award is an Accreditation Scheme designed to ensure that clubs and groups meet standards that will lead to better quality provision.  Rampworx was required to go through an auditing process that will need them to provide evidence that the club has systems in place covering key areas of provision such as;

  • Coaching and competition (Coaching qualifications, insurance, competitions programme)
  • The protection and safety of children, young people, the elderly and vulnerable.(Child Protection policy, CRB checks, Code of Conduct)
  • Sports equity and ethics – (Equal Opps policy, Codes of Conduct for parents etc., set of rules for children)
  • Club Management – (Affiliated to Governing Body, Membership policy, Communication with parents/carers, school/club links
  • Volunteer Management – (Volunteer Co-ordinator, volunteer roles, CRB checks, Volunteer mentors)

This accreditation will provide carers and parents with the knowledge that the clubs and groups are committed to providing a safe experience for youngsters.  It will also provide schools and colleges with the confidence to promote clubs and groups to their pupils and students.  Finally the scheme will put in place an internal auditing system within the club or group to ensure that standards are maintained into the future. (The Scheme will be vetted by Sefton Education).

Merseyside Young Persons Project of the Year – 2009

In 2009 Rampworx won the Merseyside young persons project of the year award for the work it had done with the young people who attended the project.

Merseyside Young Transformer Award Runner Up – 2008

In 2008, Rampworx was nominated as 1 of 4 finalists who had made a significant contribution to the lives of the young people who attended their project. Not everyone can be a winner, but as a runner up we are proud that our work was recognised by our peers and significant youth organisations in Merseyside.

Scooter Riders must wear helmets at all times! You can hire helmets at the park.