Rules & Safety

Rampworx Helmet, Tony Watkinson

Rampworx Rules

  1. Ensure all Equipment (including safety equipment, skates, boards and bikes) is correctly maintained before use.
  2. Ensure maximum safety equipment is worn at all times.
  3. Riding, Boarding and Skating is not permitted in corridors please use designated areas.
  4. When crossing the ramp area ensure you look both ways in order to avoid collision with any other riders.
  5. Spectators should use the designated areas provided.
  6. Do not sit on safety rails.
  7. Ensure all accidents are reported to reception.
  8. Do not take food or drinks on to the ramps at any time.
  9. You must watch the Skatepark Etiquette video before entry.
Terms and Conditions

Protective Gear
It is compulsary for all Rollerbladers to wear helmets when using the facilities at Rampworx skatepark including those over 18 years old. Rampworx would advise anyone who is using the skatepark to wear full protection including helmets, elbow, wrist and knee pads when using the skatepark.

No Smoking Policy
Rampworx Skatepark suports a smoke free Sefton, and therefore does not allow smoking within the building.

Scooter Riders must wear helmets at all times! You can hire helmets at the park.