How to use a skatepark

Its important to know what good and bad skatepark etiquette is before you visit Rampworx. We want everyone to enjoy their time at our skatepark, so please take note of what good and bad skatepark etiquette is. It will help you understand how it works and prevent you from annoying, or potentially injuring other skatepark users. Here is our very own skatepark etiquettet video, designed to teach first time users how to navigate a skatepark before their first visit. All users must watch this video before using the facilities.


This is when you drop in before another rider who was waiting before you. Its essentially the skateparks version of queue jumping. When you’re standing at the top of a busy ramp its important to wait your turn. You should let everyone who was waiting before you ‘drop in’ and make their run. If you accidentally snake another park user, make sure you move out their way and to a safe spot as soon as you can. This applies to anyone who is waiting; whether they are riding BMX, Skateboard, Aggressive Skates, or Stunt Scooter. Once you’ve dropped in and completed a run you should wait at your next ramp and do the same all over again. This gives everyone a chance to use the park and keeps it safe. Too many people riding the ramps at once is dangerous and can cause collisions and injuries

Dropping in

The metal pole at the top of of most quarter pipes is the coping. You will see many riders across all skateparks sports using it for grinding and stalling. Its very important that you don’t hang your bike/board/blades/scooter over the coping while waiting your turn to drop into the ramp. If your equipment is sat on the top of the coping it will be in the way and will annoy anyone who wants to make use of it! This rule applies to anyone who wants to make use of it! The rule applies to anyone who is using the skatepark. Don’t be afraid to ask someone (politely) to move off the ramp if you want to use it.


Standing on ramps in any skatepark is very dangerous! As most skateparks, like Rampworx flow between ramps, jump-boxes and rails, standing in the middle can cause accidents. If you fall on a run, or don’t have enough speed to make it up a ramp, try to leave the course safely or move out of the way to let people on a run pass by. When riding across a park check both ways to make sure no one is coming. If you run into anyone make sure you apologies. Its not the end of the world and should be a big deal once you’ve cleared the air.

Monster runs

Don’t  be greedy with your run! You might be dropping some sick tricks all over the park, but if you have a five minute X games worthy run in a busy park its more likely to annoy people than impress them. It doesn’t give other people a chance to use the park. Try to do a few tricks and then wait your turn at the top of another ramp allowing people to do their runs.


It doesn’t matter if someone is on a BMX, scooter, board or blades; everyone has an equal right to be in the park. Let people use the park as much as you and your mates. This rule also applies to beginners. Everyone was once a beginner in the skatepark, so remember that when you’re shredding the ramp and theres a little kid in the way, don’t shout abuse at them, but talk them through how to use the park safely. If you use the park properly and treat other users with respect and they will treat you the same.

When you’re not riding

When you’re having a break from riding don’t go onto or sit on any part part of the skatepark course. This is against Park rules and is the same for anyone thats using the park. People wandering  around the park or sitting on grind-boxes will get in the way of anyone on a run and can cause unnecessary accidents and collisions. Rampworx have a spectator area (under the gantry in the main section and by the cafe area), which is the best place to stand while having a break.

Ride within your capabilities

There is an element of risk in riding. Part of learning new tricks involves trying new methods. When you’re learning its important that you ride within your own capabilities. Don’t head over to the 20ft vert ramp and attempt to drop in if you’ve never tried the 4ft flat bank. If you try to do a trick that is out of your reach you risk serious injury. Progression will come naturally through practice.

Enjoy the skatepark and the sports you do!

Whilst riding the skatepark, the most important thing you do is enjoy it. You don’t have to impress anyone and we can guarantee that there will always be someone better than you and someone who is not as good. However, with plenty of practice you will get better and become more consistent.


Rampworx has rules in place for all 4 sports to wear protection at all times. We recommend that everyone wear helmets, pads and safety gear when riding the skatepark. In-liners MUST wear helmets when riding.

Ramp usage

Make sure you use the right ramps for the right tricks! If you’re learning a bar twist on flat then don’t do it in the middle of the street course. Use the designated beginner areas that you’ll find at the back our skatepark by the bowl and cafe.

One upping

When you see someone trying  a trick that you can do, don’t go and do it in their face. Not everyone started at the same time and everyone progresses at different rates. If its a trick your also learning then offer to help them out and learn together.