Rampworx Street Plaza

Rampworx Skatepark

Rampworx Skatepark Liverpool was established in 1997 by Ian Robinson and Rob Godfrey. Our first skatepark was only a small building, about 15,000 square feet. It became so successful after the first 2 years we had to relocate to a bigger building. In 2000 we opened our current skatepark on Leckwith Road in Liverpool, standing at 55,000 square feet it is the largest skatepark in the UK! In 2013 we expanded the skatepark to 70,000 square feet making it one of the biggest indoor skateparks in Europe.

Rampworx Skatepark is the perfect skatepark for people of all abilities, we see over 1300 riders per week! Some of our users have never been to a skatepark before and join in on our coaching classes. Other riders include some of the worlds best Pro’s practising the latest moves. Rampworx has been a breeding ground for many of the industries top professional riders and you can often see the likes of Harry Main, Paul Ryan and Jenna Downing floating around the skatepark.


You asked for a Foam pit, so we built it! The biggest Foam Pit in the country. This ramp is huge!! We doubt you have seen a Foam Pit like it anywhere else in the world, i mean it even has lights! The Foam pit itself has three separate entry points, a launch on the front of the ramp a quarter pipe on the left hand side and a roll-in on the right hand side.

Street Plaza Rampworx Skatepark


We added a 15,000 square foot extension onto our current skatepark in Liverpool. Our brand NEW Street Plaza has being constructed by some of the best ramp builders on the planet! We flew specialist skatepark designers in from America (that have built X-Games courses and Woodward’s) to collaborate with our design team to give you the best skatepark possible.

Rampworx Main Room


With a huge variety of obstacles to ride you can be sure to find something to use.
We have 3 main parts to the skatepark, our biggest room is more “Park” influenced featuring a spine ramp, jump boxes, kink rial, rhythm section, rainbow box, fun box, sub box, big quarter pipes, drive way and of course lots of rails to grind!

Rampworx Bowl


Next to the park section we have a huge “Bowl”. The bowl is split up into 3 different heights ranging from 10 foot to 5ft, so no matter what your ability you can be sure to ride it. Please note that only one person should use the bowl at a time, please do not take super long runs on this obstacle, be aware of the people around you that also want to use it.


Our next section is the “Street” section, this area is perfect for beginners! Lots of the ramps here are very small and mellow which helps users build confidence and perfect those complicated tricks. We have a wide range of ramps in this part of the skatepark ranging from Faltbanks, Mini Ramps, Quarter Pipes, Hips and Flat rails.


We cater for a variety of Action Sports at Rampworx including BMX BikesSkateboardsAggressive Skating (Blading) and Stunt Scooters.

Opening Times

The skatepark has a fixed set of Opening Hours that operate according to the local school half terms. We recommend checking the times before you make your trip to the skatepark to avoid any disappointment. Don’t worry if you dont want to ride the park, we welcome spectators and even have a Cafe area where you can grab a cup of tea and watch your friends use the skatepark.


Rampworx Skatepark also has a fully stocked shop which has everything you could imagine for sale to keep you riding in style. You can even order online and have it ready to pick up when you get to the skatepark!

Scooter Riders must wear helmets at all times! You can hire helmets at the park.