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December 2009

Steve Swain Brakes a World Record!

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Steve Swain a local Pro Inline skater was on TV last night setting a new world record. He set the world record for highest Misty Flip (backflip 180), he actually beat his own record 3 times in a row. Congrats goes out to Steve who is now in the Guinness World Record book for highest Misty Flip at 2.08 meters. Check more photos out after the jump.

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The People of Brighton – Short Film

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This is a really well put together short from Sim Warren. It features a lot of the Inline Industry guys from the UK that are based down in Brighton, Including Loco Skates owner Jake Eley and Photographer Adam Kola. Definitely worth a watch.

The People I know in Brighton, play an important role in the Rollerblading scene within the UK. Everybody knows them for their contribution to Rollerblading however I wanted to share an insight into their lives besides Rollerblading, also showing how diverse Brighton can be.

This 4 minute piece filmed using a Canon 7D was shot 24p during the week on a typical day in their lives.
Canon 70-200mm Sigma 10mm Canon 18-55mm

1st: The XX – Intro
2nd: Beirut – Guyamas Sonora

Huge thanks to Andrew Pearce for lending me his lenses, helping through-out the day, being patient and giving me mad company. Love.

Harry Main TCU Exclusive

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Harry Main is more than back from injury, hes killing it! Check the video out above of the local doing what he does best in the park. Not only has he just got off his crutches, but he just took 1st place in the T-mobile comp in Berlin!!!

Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert. Harry broke his leg way back in June and this is the first video of him back riding again dropping hammers as usual. Made exclusively for TCU .

Harry Main Bike Check

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Harry has been traveling non stop since his recovery from his broken leg earlier this year. This latest video shows you the in and out of Harrys current Mirraco set up. Filmed at Dave Mirras warehouse over in the states.

Filmed & Edited by Ryan Guettler Filmed with Canon 5d Markll