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Want to be in a new BBC TV Series?

By 18 March 2010 General, Press

Our friends over at the BBC are working on a new TV series about the resturant industry. If you are interested in this line of work please read the following, this is a fantastic opportunity to get an inside view of the industry.

We are looking for young people aged 17-30 to take part in a challenging new TV series for the BBC.

Do you want to find your dream career but dread the idea of a dead end job?

Do you feel you’ve got potential, but think no-one is willing to help you realize it?

This is life-changing opportunity to train in a glamorous industry where you get to travel, learn about great food and wine and potentially launch into a new career

To find out more or apply online go to www.ricochet.co.uk ‘Take Part’ or call 01273 224 824.

www.ricochet.co.uk / www.millionmedia.net

BBC and the BBC logo are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence.

We are making a brand new series offering young UK residents the opportunity to train as front of house staff in the restaurant industry. The show will be fronted by a top restaurateur.

We will select 8 young people aged 17-30 to be filmed for the series. We are looking for candidates from across the UK, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who have yet to find their direction in life. We are looking for people who, we believe, have the potential, enthusiasm, character and skills to become top waiters. We are looking for people who are comfortable being filmed and who we think the audience will best relate to – so we will be taking lots of different qualities into account when we chose the final 8 trainees.

The final 8 trainees will receive 8 weeks’ intensive training as waiters and wine waiters with some of London’s finest front-of-house staff. The aim is to help them build the confidence and skills they need to secure a good job in the restaurant industry. We will film this process – at present the plans is to transmit the experience over 8 episodes on BBC2. Over the eight episodes the trainees will experience a wide variety of mentoring, real life experience and testing. Although there is no elimination, the intention is that at the end of the 8 weeks two trainees will be chosen by the top restaurateur to take up 6 month placements in major restaurants and hotels.


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