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Harry Main Broken Foot

By 28th April 2010 BMX, Harry Main

Harry Main Broken Foot

Harry Main has broken his foot. 24 hours after Bunnyhop Flairing in Woodward. Everyone at Rampworx wishes Harry a speedy recovery  and we hope to see the Bunnyhop Flair in the park in no time.

Ladies and gentlemen of the bmx comunity.. Last night I pulled a 720 doublewhip over the resi and pulled it clean, got hyped and tryed another and dislocated my ankle and broke my foot.. Just got surgery last night 2 hours after it happened thanks to jamie Bestwick making some calls, two doctors turned up knocked me out and screwed me back up, clean break if everything goes well I will be back riding in 6 weeks! I will flair bunnyhop off my bed when I’m good and ready.. So yet another 6 weeks driving myself crazy..


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