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Federal Advert’s – Dan Lacey

By 25th March 2011 BMX

If you have picked up any BMX magazine in the last few months you are more than likely to of seen Federal’s new advertising campaign. Federal hired an artist called Robert Sample to produce a series of adverts with their riders, including a Rampworx regular and DUB BMX rider Dan Lacey.

Unlike most modern artist, Robert still uses paint in a very cool way, check the video over on DEFGRIP to get an insight into how he produced the adverts.

Bruno Hoffman Ride Uk advert

[pullquote type=”1″ align=”right”]This is a fresh slant on the typical ad campaigns used by extreme sports companies.. instead of relying on the big trick shot Federal Bikes have decided to do something new.[/pullquote]

Head honcho of Federal bikes Stuart Dawkins says “Typically bmx adverts follow a very staid format which consists of a combination of riding photo/product image/company logo etc. With Federal bikes we’re constantly trying to break away from this and experiment with new ideas and when we first saw Robert Sample’s work it was clear that this could take our adverts in a new direction where no one in bmx has been before. Rob’s work immediately struck a cord with us; the paintings are so powerful and dark that we felt this would be a great way to portray our team of professional riders.”

The first advert came out in January and has received an amazing response both for Rob’s painting and the direction of the campaign.

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Visit the Federal website here.[/box]


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