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Event: Scooter Only Night

By 6 April 2011 Event

Right, after our recent hotly debated scooter poll its time to reveal the results and boy was it close!
A total of 2,677 of you INDIVIDUALLY voted on the poll and the results are as follows:-
[box type=”error”]No (53%, 1,426 Votes)
Yes (47%, 1,251 Votes)[/box]As you can see it was a pretty tight finish with a lot of scooter riders supporting their cause against the existing 3 sports that we cater for.

Clearly, many of you feel passionately about this subject with many arguments for and against allowing scooter riders into the skatepark and we were determined to listen to both sides of the argument.

It has to be said that Rampworx is committed to its existing users and after careful consideration we have decided to allow Scooters to host a ‘one off’ Monday Scooter only session. If this is successful, then we will consider more regular scooter only sessions. This is only replicating what we currently doing with BMX, Inline and Skateboarding for the Monday only sessions that we are now running throughout the year.

Scooter Only Night at Rampworx

We must emphasise that because Rampworx is already extremely busy with Inline Skaters, BMX riders and Skateboarders we do not have any plans to integrate scooter riders into the normal skatepark timetable. However, as a compromise we have agreed to allow scooters a one off session with a view to increasing this to more scooter only nights IF scooter riders support their sport by attending this one off scooter only session.

The date for this will be Monday MAY 9th 2011 running between 5pm and 10pm, £7. Join the Facebook event here.

To tie in with this session we have invited Terry Price and his team to come and session the park whilst offering hints, tips and showing off their scooter skills!

We believe that this is the most sensible and fair decision we could take with everyone benefitting, in particular to our existing loyal riders and to those scooter riders who do not have any indoor facilities to use within the area.

Thanks for taking the time to vote.

The Management.


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