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Dave Swift on Maestro Knows

By 27 July 2011 Skateboard, Video

Skateboarding legend Dave Swift and one of the driving forces behind The Skateboard Mag has recently had a nice feature put together by Maestro Knows. This video gives you a great insight into one of the driving forces in the Skateboard industry, not only that but you get to see Dave rip up the bowl in classic style.

Dave Swift on Maestro Knows - The Skateboard Mag

In this episode of Maestro Knows follow Levi down to San Diego as he takes you to one of his favorite spots in the world and then heads down to The Skateboard Mag to meet with Dave Swift. While hitting up Robertos and the Encinitas park are on Maestro‘s list, Swift breaks down some old legendary skate photos as well as introduction to The Skateboard Mag’s first issue and of course his favorite skateboard memorabilia.



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