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Anthony Watkinson – The Union Interview

By 11th August 2011 Anthony Watkinson, BMX

Rampworx local and DK Bikes Pro Anthony Watkinson has been making a few sponsor changes the past few weeks, but that hasn’t slowed him down at all. After seeing his edit that dropped last week, The Union figured it would be a good time to shoot him a message and check in with the guy. Read the full interview after the jump!

Source: The Union

Name: Anthony Watkinson

Location: Home

How are things going with DK these days? Do you have any signature goods, trips, edits or anything like that in the works?
Things with DK couldn’t be better man. There’s lots of projects in the works. Trips are in the works and also Monday there should be a new video dropping.

It seems like every time I see an edit from Rampworx, there’s something new to ride. Have you been building anything lately? Do they have any events coming up?
That’s a good thing though, Rampworx is always changing and whenever I get the chance to help with that I am always on hand to get involved. Last Monday was a bmx only night/animal tour stop at the park, Pretty sure there are a few other events coming up before the year is out.

So what happened with Etnies? Did you leave the team for any reason in particular? It was a pretty big surprise when I saw the news.
Haha, I like how everyone automatically assumes that I left, I definitely didn’t choice to leave. It was kind of a surprise to me too, I got a letter in the post telling me that after 5 years it was coming to an end, I mean it wasn’t a total surprise but was bummed the way it happened. About a year ago I heard about the new “euro TM” and to be honest I didn’t have much expectations to stay on the team when I heard who it was going to be. I am not going to sit here an talk shit on Etnies, I am so grateful for everything that Turvey, Povah and Darren did for me over the years. Those guys are the best!

Do you have any other fresh sponsor news you can tell us about?
Not right now, to be honest.

Have you been travelling much lately? Where are some of the places you have had the chance to get to this summer?
I have been travelling a fair amount in the UK the past couple months, went up to Scotland for a couple days to film a video for Vital. That Unit 23 new hall is too much fun. Then I’ve been down in London a couple weeks here an there filming with Ben Green. As well as I just got back from being in Brighton yesterday, that place is the best, such a good scene and good times. Can’t wait to go back/ move there!

Anywhere you want to go that you haven’t been yet?
Still, really want to get out to Australia man.

Photo: Vincent Perraud

Are you planning on riding any contests this summer? I didn’t see if you got into the Dew Tour this year or not.
Not sure what I am riding this summer, I’m not riding Dew Tour I know that. That thing always used to get me too stressed and wasn’t enjoying being there. The best part of those contest are practise and seeing everyone that you don’t normally get to see all the time.

I know you are always filming for something these days. When can we expect to see some fresh footage from you? Any video parts in the works?
Vital just dropped that video from Scotland the other day, we filmed that over a weekend. Also me and Ben Green just finished up a little project we have been working on in and around London over a couple short stints there. I’m pretty happy with how that has turned out.

It sounds like you are working on a feature in the new Ride UK. Any hints at what people can expect from that?
Yeah, I am excited for that, me and Robin Pearson have been working on it, we are probably just half way with it. The whole thing is going to be shot on film, which I think is cool. Robin is amazing photographer, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Where have you been riding the most lately? Any hot spots you have been real into lately?
London and Brighton have to be my favourites right now, London because everyday we will go out and ride all day and never hit the same spot twice, there is literally too much stuff to ride. Brighton because pretty much everyone there is rad and up for a good time. Especially the Level locals and Mad Jon as well as Mike King and Bob Manchester just moved there for the summer.

Our park is always fun as well, riding with Zack, Dan, Alex, Alex and the wools.

What have you been up to when you aren’t riding these days?
Having BBQ’s on the beach in the dark and drinking expensive whiskey in Brighton with the lads ha! Cheers Jon.

Photo: Ben Green

What’s 5 things you have been real psyched on lately?
-Riding in general.
-Bruno Hoffmans Video that came out the other day, watched that a few times now.
-Custard doughnuts
-Zack having 4 pegs

One thing you could use more of in your life, and one thing you could use less of?
More 3G coverage in the UK when travelling, Less sly people in BMX?

What’s the last song you heard, movie you watched and website you visited?
Gucci Mane ft. Birdman – Mouth Full Of Gold
TheBerrics.com (because they just made it IPad friendly so I got caught up on it)

Where do you see things going for you in the next few years?
Hopefully a few years older and still having as much fun on and off the bike and making more amazing memories!

Anything else you want to say?
Thanks to everyone really, everyone at DK, all my friends here at home and everywhere else in the world.
Ps. Always ride bar-ends, get well soon Andy!


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