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Jason Phelan lands the RideUK #155 cover!

By 22 August 2011 BMX, Photo, Press

Rampworx local Jason Phelan graces this months cover of RideUK. The Irish BMX Pro (WeThePeople, Nike 6.0) has been killing it this year at contests and tours around the globe. Make sure you keep an eye out for his Pro Frame “The Irish” which should be hitting stores sooner than you think.

This is one of the best issues of RideUK they have released, with some amazing photos on pretty much every single page! You can pick a copy up from the skatepark for only £3.80!!!

P.S FREE Corey Martinez poster with every issue!

Here’s the new issue! This time with Jason Phelan flipping his way on to the front cover. From – touring with strippers, to Chris Doyle riding trails, to London Concrete – we’ve got a right mix for ya, and more!

This month’s regulars include Top 5’s with Tony Cardona, Room 101 with Go Go, DVD Box, product reviews and bike tests. We’ve also got some Snippets which feature an abandoned pool in the UK and “The Search for the Glory Hole”. We have coverage from the King For a Day/Charges Prow Jam and loads more including – Informers, What?s, Bike Checks, WTF’s, you name it!

Check out a the the main features below and be sure to go grab yourself a copy.

54 63 DCPROOFED 1 copy 630x412 Issue 155 Out Now!

Roughing It: Living the good life on tour with DC Shoes.

66 75 bowlguidePROOFED 1 copy 630x412 Issue 155 Out Now!

607 square miles of concrete: A guide to London’s bowls, old and new.

78 85 kink 1 copy 630x412 Issue 155 Out Now!

Kink French Trips Trip: Bleu rainures, bleu du ciel et des baguettes…

88 95 NASSPROOFED 1 copy 630x412 Issue 155 Out Now!

So This Is NASS?: A schizophrenic’s guide to NASS.

96 101 badtiming 1 copy 630x412 Issue 155 Out Now!

No Timing Like Bad Timing: Bad Timing trip





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