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MADD XMAS PARTY 2011 by Terry Price

By 28 December 2011 Scooter

THE LAST XMAS PARTY STOP! & wow! it really was incredible =) the last stop was the biggest of all 3, reaching the maximum capacity for the skatepark for a 3rd time in a row, with christmas coming early for the kids who came along. We gave out hundreds of goodies, hundreds of wristbands, thousands of stickers & we signed hundreds of autographs for the eager kids. This stop certainly finished with a BANG! & in true MADD style we went all out on the Xmas parties, really putting on a show that couldn’t be matched.

All 3 Xmas parties ran in the same order;
– MGP UK demo
– Signings
– High jump
– Giveaways

The demo really was great to start things off in the awesome bowl, bangers were being thrown down left & right.. with all the team really raising the bar for the last stop, we’ve done out best to capture the moment in photos for you but we also have a huge video coming out soon to capture the atmosphere of what went down at all stops! so look out for that soon =)

THE ELIMINATARGH! was a great addition again, with all the kids getting involved to win a load of MADD prizes! The rules are simple, land the tricks in order getting further than anyone else.. what isn’t simple is actually landing the tricks laid out by the MGP UK riders haha so the competition really was great with kids truly battling it out against one another!

The signing session here was mental, we had 100 more kids at the last stop than the other 2 as the capacity was bigger.. so that was a 100 extra autographs to squeeze in, whilst the MGP UK team were busy drawing all over the kids & having a good time haha we managed to get it done within an hour with plenty of stoked kids getting there autographs from the team in time for Christmas! =)

The high jump is always great to watch & this one was no exception; the kids really were giving it there all to win & put on a great competition to watch for the crowd. As soon as we set up the high jump, a crowd flocked over with kids really getting involved & having an amazing time.

All good things must come to an end & I really wish we could do that every time we visit a skatepark. The Xmas parties were such great events & all of us here at MADD are happy to being giving back to YOU GUYS & GIRLS who support Maddgear everyday! Already can’t wait for next years ones where I’m sure we’ll do our best to raise the bar yet again! 2011 has been an incredible year for scooter riding as a whole & we feel lucky to be a part of that. 2012 is just round the corner now & I already know it’s going to be on another level. STAY MADD!

Check out these photos from Rampworx! (Photos by Martin Kimbell)[nggallery id=54]


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