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December 2011

Xmas Opening Hours 2011

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Rampworx will be opening different times during the Christmas Holidays. Please check the times below before making your trip to the skatepark.


Mon 19th Dec 2011 5pm -10pm Scooter Session
Tue 20th Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Wed 21st Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Thur 22nd Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Fri 23rd Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Sat 24th Dec 2011 CLOSED
Sun 25th Dec 2011 CLOSED
Mon 26th Dec 2011 10.30am – 7pm
Tue 27th Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Wed 28th Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Thur 29th Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Fri 30th Dec 2011 12pm – 10pm
Sat 31st Dec 2011 CLOSED
Sun 1st Jan 2012 CLOSED
Mon 2nd Jan 2012 12pm – 4pm Scooters / 5-10pm Open Session
Tue 3rd Jan 2012 Back to normal hours

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Harry Main: How to Flair

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Local BMX Pro Harry Main (Nike 6.0, MirraCo) shows you the technique behind his trademark flairs. Click play and watch Harry give you a step by step run down on how to perfect this trick. Harry just won the Hardest trick contest at the Vans Rebel Jam in Holland on the weekend, so be sure to pay attention, this guy knows his stuff!

Make sure you “like” Harrys Fan page on Facebook. Hit him up if you try or learn flairs from this video and let him know if this helped!

Filmed & Edited by Phil Skeggs Read More

Jamie Stenner – Razor Dre Powell 2 Pro Skate

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6 weeks ago Jamie Stenner dislocated his elbow. Although he was told by the doctors to chill and do physio for a total of around 12 weeks, Jamie couldn’t wait any more – so when he was sent the New Dre Powel Pro boots he gave me a call and asked to shoot this little edit with him. Also featuring Andy Spary.

Check out the Razors UK Christmas competition with a prize given away every day from the 1st till the 20th December… UK residents only

Music by: Buckshot & 9th Wonder – No Future

Filmed & Edited by Sim Warren.

You can buy the Razors Dre Powell Pro Skate from the Rampworx shop here, it comes with a Free Backpack + 4 Free Sessions!! Read More

The Rampworx Swipe System

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Please note that as of June 17th, 2013 you will only be able to gain access to Rampworx with a swipe card. Registration is FREE and easy via our website, one of our retail outlets, or skatepark. See attached for details about the swipe system that was launched back in 2012. Everybody wishing to use Rampworx will be required to sign up to this scheme.

Sign up today via our simple online form and become part of the next generation of Rampworx patrons

What is it
On January 1st 2012, Rampworx will be launching our brand new swipe system. Its a simple swipe with a card that has a barcode on it. It takes seconds to use and the system is designed to cut down on queueing so that you don’t waste any time for your session.

How much does it cost?
Registration and the swipe card is FREE to everyone! However, if you lose your card then it will cost you £3 for a replacement.

Why introduce a swipe card system?
The swipe system will allow you to get into Rampworx much quicker. This way, there will be no more signing in, or long queueing for you. Its a simple case of SWIPE > PAY > RIDE! 

Whats are the benefits of signing up?
By signing up you will be added to our mail out database so you can sign up for  regular newsletters, info about products, offers, events and tours. We will also be running weekly and monthly prize draws so that lucky swipe members can win new equipment, tickets and other special treats!

Are there any hidden charges?
No. Once you sign up thats it. You will continue to pay normal sessional fees. There are no extra charges.

How can you sign up?
Simply click on this link and fill in your details online. The next time you come to Rampworx simply give in your surname and contact details and we will issue you with your  new swipe card. Its that easy!

Still unsure?
Email us at info@rampworx.com, or ask at Rampworx reception.Button Text Read More