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Pete Sawyer goes Pro for WeThePeople

By 21 April 2012 BMX, Video

This one has been long overdue. Local BMX rider Pete Sawyer has now officially turned Pro for WeThePeople! The celebrate the occasion they have just released this crazy video of Pete killing street spots…everywhere.

If you know Pete then you know how down to earth he is, a bit humble and seriously into BMX being fun for him. WeThePeople are really proud to welcome him to our Pro team, they spoke a little to him about it but after you’ve read this you should just let his riding do the talking.

Hey Pete, so whats up with the leg?

luckily I didn’t break it, but I did rupture a pretty serious blood vessel in the ball of my foot. The bit that annoyed me most is I was only messing about doing a whip up a curb, so that sucked!

So how did this edit come about? and how do you like filming edits?

I didn’t start this filming with the intention of making a welcome to the pro team edit, it was just a WeThePeople one, due to trips that I was going on and different projects Will Evans was busy with it took a lot longer than anticipated, basically I’m not a fan of filming over extended periods of time, I forget what I have filmed and just fall out of the filming vibe.

Whats the most fun part of BMX for you?

I’m more than happy when I’m just out riding my bike with friends, as long as I’m just having fun I’m content. I did set out with the intention of just a street edit, I do love riding park but I don’t really have a film-able park or trails style.

Any thanks so far?

I’m extremely happy to have been given the opportunity of being on the pro team, its a privilege. I’d like to thank Chris Mcardle, Harry and Klaus, my mum and all my friends!

Rampworx local BMX rider Pete Sawyer turns Pro


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