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SlammJamm 14 Video by Simon Mulvaney

By 16 October 2012 Event, Inline, Sport, Video

“Once again time has past and the Slamm Jamm approaches its Fourteenth session. When I gave birth to the concept of this event back in late 1999, the focus was to create a gathering of community. Up to the point of the first Slamm Jamm I had only ever attended rolling events around the UK and Europe that were based around competition formats. They always seemed constrictive and scheduled, were by not everyone was involved in the whole rolling experience. After attending the Lausanne International Roller competition in 1997 it opened my eyes as to how much of a community Rollerblading is worldwide. I wanted to grasp that feeling of community / family and produce a gathering in the UK were by it didnt matter about competition or your status, it just mattered that you ROLLED.” – Dave Bell, Slamm Jamm Founder.

A film by Simon Mulvaney


Music: Houdini by Foster the People


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