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DKH Legacy Trust: Get on Track Wigan

By 5 June 2013 Charity, Jenna Downing, Press, Sport


The DKH Legacy Trust is a fantastic charity that we have worked with in the past to help engage young people in sport, founded by Olympian and multiple olympic Gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes. DKH runs a dynamic programme called “Get on Track” which is  one of the best that we have worked with! Young people get to learn key skills and progress with their own personal development from World Class Athletes, such as Jenna Downing (Female Inline Skating World Champion) and Neil Danns (European and British Skatebaording Champion).


It is very unique for a charity as well respected as DKH Legacy Trust to promote Extreme Sports to young people we champion them for this very reason. A large amount of charitable organisations and sporting trusts do not class Extreme Sports as a ‘Sport’, physical activity, which makes life for the likes of Rampworx Skatepark, a children’s charity, can be very hard when trying to attract funding or develop a coaching programme. Why is this? Well, many reasons, some political, some as simple as “it’s not football“. However, Rampworx knows first hand the benefits of how sports (of all kinds) can help young people progress and achieve goals that they did not think possible, or even remotely achievable. So we will keep fighting the hard fight as long as humanly possible for all our Extreme Sport friends.

DKH Legacy Trust hit the nail on the head with there programme, it is truly inspirational charity  We had the privilege of being invited to closing ceremony of their most recent “Get on Track” programme that has been running for several weeks in Wigan. The ceremony took place in the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City Football Club. The Wigan “Get on Track” programme had none other than Liverpool native and Skateboarding champion Neil Danns working on the project, the groups Neil worked with where sure to have a great experience  from such a lively character (and not just for his dancing moves!). The young people got to hear his story to success and learn first hand from a great Extreme Sports Athlete on what it takes to make it to the top, even when you don’t think it’s possible.

Jenna Downing DKH Legacy Trust

Get on Track is posed to make a comeback to the Liverpool area in the coming months to help make a difference to the local young people in partnership with Merseyside Sports Partnership.  Once again we hope to work along sides the likes of Jenna Downing and Neil Danns to make a difference to young peoples lives.




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