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Chernobyl Children’s Life Line visit Rampworx

By 6th June 2013 Charity, Feature

Yesterday we had a very special group of visitors at our skatepark from the outskirts of Ukraine, the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line. We offered this great charity the chance to use our entire skatepark for FREE with a private coaching session with our very own BMX coach and Vans rider, Zack Williams.


These children come from a very different environment to ours and it is the first time they have ever had the opportunity to visit a skatepark, so we wanted to make the experience as awesome as possible!

Due to the huge impact the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster had on villages and towns surrounding Chernobyl, many of these young people suffer with serious illnesses and will never have the chance to live a healthy lifestyle due to radiation still being present in their soil, water supply and cattle so it is important that the children, who live in Belarus, are given the opportunity to come to countries such as the UK to breathe in cleaner air and have a fun time. Just 4 weeks in the UK can give their immune system a boost for up to 12 months and give them the motivation they need to stay focused and, most importantly, positive about life!

We thought we’d do something a little special for these amazing young people, so we got together and planned a whole day of exciting activities.

Chernobyl Rampworx American Pizza Slice

Our team called upon some of our friends in local businesses and got some great donations for our visitors to enjoy when they arrived at our park; the guys at PYAR PR and American Pizza Slice provided a full lunch, Laura at Laura’s Little Bakery gave us 24 delicious mini cupcakes, Vickie at Liverpool Cheese Company sent some ‘Kick Ass Cheddar’ and Candy Canes and we gave each child one of our Rampworx bobble hats and a pair our NEW Rampworx Sunglasses!

Chernobyl Rampworx Sungla

Not only did we feed our guests with amazing pizza, cakes, cheese & sweets; we spoke to our friends at Liverpool Football Club and sorted out a private tour of Anfield! Shortly after finishing up their coaching session, and enjoying their pizza, our neighbours at PeoplesBus arranged a double decker bus to take us and the group to Anfield, taking the scenic route past Everton FC and some of our fantastic landmarks for the children to look out over the city from the top deck whilst teaching us some traditional songs from their country. They had a really great time at Anfield, walking around repping the Rampworx hats and sunglasses we gave them at the park!

Chernobly Rampworx Anfield LFC

The whole day was an amazing experience for us and we learnt so much from these awesome children, our whole team and our local business owners worked together to do the city proud and show them a once in a lifetime experience.

Chernobyl Children in Liverpool FC Changing Rooms

Thanks to everybody that made the day a success! We hope to do this annually with groups from Children’s Life Line as we had so much fun and loved working with such a great group of young action sports fans!!


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