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Ben Lewis in Poland BMX Camp

By 22 July 2013 Ben Lewis, BMX, Event

Ben Lewis is one of the local BMX pro riders at Rampworx, he also just so happens to be one of the best street riders on the planet. So it’s no surprise that Etnies decided to jet him off to Poland to help teach the grassroots BMX scene over there what is possible on their bikes!

Grassroots is a key part of the industry and without new riders taking up the sport and great riders line Benny L giving up their own time to teach kids how to ride, we will no longer have a scene. We need more camps like this and more importantly more riders like Ben who is willing to help teach kids how to BMX and perfect those tricks. If you see a kid at your local sport watching you ride, offer to teach them how to ride, perfect that trick and give encouragement to new riders and keep them in the sport!

Big shout out to bmxcamp.pl and etnies.com for putting on a sick BMX camp.


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