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Scooter Pro’s use Rampworx Bearings

By 15th August 2013 General, Riders, Scooter

Bearings are an important part of anybodies set up, it is the key element that gives you speed. A good set of bearings and a decent wheel goes a long way, you will find riding becomes much easier and enjoyable.

Two riders that know this are Jamie Hull (MGP Pro) and Sammy Williamson (Lucky Pro) who both needed a revamp in bearings when riding the skatepark this week. They both picked up some Rampworx Bearings. If you have seen these little shredders ride then you know that these guys go BIG and having a decent set of bearings in your wheels definitely makes going big that little bit easier. Picked up some Rampworx Bearings to get that extra bit of speed.

Rampworx Bearings

You can pick up a set of Rampworx ABEC 9 bearings for just £14.95 and ABEC 7 bearings for just £11.95! Thats some crazy cheap prices, so why not treat yourself to a smoother ride?


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