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Roman Abrate Big Air Ramp at Woodward

By 2 September 2013 Inline, Video

French Razors Pro rider and current World No1 champion Aggressive Skater Roman Abrate has been over in America working on some new tricks. Roman is one of those special skaters you can watch all day he is that smooth, he is also one of those riders similar to the likes of Steve Swain and Dave Lang, they just float in the air.


Roman took to Woodwards infamous monstrous Big Air Ramps to get the speed he needed to perform some brand new never done before tricks. However, during his time in America Roman Abrate didn’t just practice the normal tricks you would think of, 900’s etc. He invented 2 brand new never done before tricks, including the Kangaroo flip! Roman has successfully proved that Big Air is not just a sport for skateboarders and BMX rides, blading is vert capable of holding its own on these epic ramps.

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