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Buyers Guide: Top 10 Stunt Scooters this Christmas

By 19 November 2013 Scooter, Shop

Every year at Rampworx we sell a bunch of Stunt Scooters around Christmas time. We serve everyone from customers that have never purchased a scooter before to some of the most experienced riders fine tuning there Scooters with the latest accessories. As you can imagine we get asked a lot of questions and sent lots of emails about what scooter to buy. So we have decided to put together this buyers guide to help you pick the correct Scooter this Christmas.


1. Alpha Omega Epsilon £170

Alpha Omega have been killing it on the scooter scene recently. They have some of the most technical street riders on the planet on their team and all of the AO products are most certainly up for the task. From decks to Scooter Locks everything these guys make is first class. The Lambda has taken the Scooter scene by storm this Christmas, stock is very limited on this model so don’t hold off if you are thinking of getting one. As soon as this scooter lands in our warehouse it goes straight back out. Available in Red, Black and Silver.

Grit Elite 3


2. Grit Elite 3 £119

The Grit Elite 3 is one of the best Scooters on the market below £150. This scooter is perfect for intermediate riders and has all the specs you would expect to see on any £200 scooter. The Grit Elite 3 comes in a variety of colours and is fully equipped with an Integrated headset, Alloy Wheels and Overside Bars! All for the unbelievable price of £119.99! This scooter is flying off the shelves so make sure you grab the colour you want before it’s gone, we wont be getting anymore in before Christmas!



3. MGP VX3 Team Edition £139.99

MADD Gear’s most popular scooter is back! The MGP Team Edition series has been the most popular of all of the MGP models again this Christmas. The VX3 model is an updated version of its predecessor the VX2. MGP Scooters are very appealing to the younger riders and those that like detailed designs on their scooter, every inch of the MGP Vx3 Team Edition has amazing artwork on it to complement its updated colour ways. The team edition features MGP patented “Shock Tape” system which is a padded Grip Tape on the deck, this prevents the user from getting bruised heels when performing jumps and tricks. It also comes with 100mm Alloy Wheels which are sure to last you a long time.


 4. Crisp Evolution SCS £199

Crisp make some of the nicest looking Stunt Scooters in the industry. When you stand on the Crisp Evolution Scooters you can feel how well made it is. When we got hold of the Crisp Evolution we couldn’t believe that they where only £199, the build quality on these bad boys is amazing and it has the specs to compliment it! All of the parts on the Evolution scream quality, from the perfect width and height of the bars to the milled out details in the deck. This scooter is a must for the more advanced rider who wants that little extra bit of quality from his scooter. Perfect for the more advanced scooter rider that doesn’t want to break the bank.

Blazer Pro Ambush

5.Blazer Pro Ambush £189

Blazer Pro went back to the drawing boards with this one, they spent a lot of time researching and developing what turned out to be the Blazer Pro Ambush. We got a cheeky sneak peak of the prototype of this scooter before it came out and have been hyped on it ever since. If you are a person that likes little details then this scooter is for you. Blazer have put such a high level of finishing on this scooter it’s crazy, from the matte neon paint (which we love) to the deck inserts this scooter is just awesome! For the price point you will struggle to get anything else built to the same quality.

SLAMM Urban Diablo

6. SLAMM Urban £75

The SLAMM Urban is by far the most popular entry level scooter on the market. As soon as these scooters land in our warehouse they go straight back out the door. The SLAMM Urban is perfect for anyone that is thinking about getting there first Stunt Scooter and makes a perfect Christmas Present. The SLAMM Urban comes in a bunch if different colours so you are sure to find one that matches your style!


7. MGP Nitro Extreme £249

MGP Nitro Extreme is a very popular scooter with the younger riders that want the best of the best in the MGP line. As you would expect this scooter comes with all the bells and whistles that are sure to keep even the most picky of scooter riders content. The deck is one of our favourite features of this scooter, very solid build as always from MGP in a perfect 4.5 inch wide deck giving the rider that little bit extra space. Keeping up with the MGP style the Nitro features some amazing lasered on graphics to make sure they will not ware away anytime soon. Available in a big variety of colours you are sure that you can find the one you want.


8. SLAMM Mischief £99

SLAMM went one step further when designing the Mischief model. This is the big brother of the SLAMM Urban scooter, it has bumped up the specs across the board in the model. Again you can pick up one of these scooters in a bunch of different colours and designs and they all have the same great features! This is the perfect scooter for those riders looking for something a little bit more than your Stunt Scooter at a very reasonable price.


9. Crisp Ultima 125 £189

The Crisp Ultima 125 is one of the best scooters you can get your hands on for under £200. This scooter is something special, as the name suggest it has 125mm wheels!!!! Everything on this scooter is HUGE! You will never have to worry about gaining speed on your scooter ever again with this bad boy. If you are a rider that loves quality, big bars and speed this one is for you. There are scooters out there for £300+ that do not meet the quality of this scooter. Everything is perfect for a fast ride on this scooter you will not need to customise a single thing.


10. Grit Extremist £64.99

This entry level model from Grit is perfect for the younger riders that want a Stunt Scooter. The Grit Extremist is a smaller scooter at a great price point. If you have a young child that desperately wants a real Stunt Scooter and not one of those fold down Argos jobs, you have found your Scooter. With fixed handle bars and the same look and style as the more expensive Grit Scooters

Now hopefully you have a better understanding of which Stunt Scooter to pick up this Christmas. If you are still uncertain about which scooter to buy, why not check out our Online Shop or pop in store and speak to one of our experts.


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