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Video: Ground Control Bails Section

By 6th December 2013 Inline, Video

Unfortunately learning to fall is part of doing an Action Sport. You are going to fall, and surprisingly it gets a little easier to handle the more you do it. Learning to fall and roll away safely or with minimal injuries is a technique we all perfect. Pick a shoulder and learn to roll!! However no matter how good you are, sometimes your tricks don’t go according to plan and you have a bail! It’s tradition in most skate/BMX DVD’s to have a bails section to show everyone the hard work that went into getting the clips from your favourite section.

Alex Burston Bail

Rollerbladers tend to have some of the worst bails due to being strapped into skates, they have to land with their equipment on, they can’t throw it away and it can result in some pretty nasty bails.


Everyone knew that the latest Ground Control DVD was going to be epic and with an epic DVD comes an epic bails section. Some of these guys take some serious bails. Check out the bails section from the Ground Control DVD above.

Edited by Simon Mulvaney.


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