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Video: You’re never to old to skate (60 year old skateboarder)

By 17 April 2014 Skateboard, Video

One question we get asked a lot is “do you have an age limit in the skatepark” well yes our minimum age is 5 to use the skatepark, but we have no age cap you are as old as you feel in our books. We have a bunch of older riders that continue to shred the skatepark on a regular basis, these guys have been riding for longer than most of our current users have been alive, heck they have kids and some of their kids have kids.

NEAL UNGER 60 year old skateboarder

Action sports as a whole is not age bias like most sports, you can continue to do what you love for as long as your body will let you. We all know that participating in these sports is much more than just a bit of exercise, it is a lifestyle, it’s addictive, it helps you forget about all those day to day problems and just cruise around a park without a care in the world. Thats the feeling we all love. There is no age limit on this priceless feeling.


Now there is another type of rider in this equation, the beginner. Who says beginners have to be 6 years old? How about 60 years old. Well Neal Unger shows everyone that it is possible to take up an action sport at the youthful age of 60. This guy is a legend in his own right for pushing his body to the limits to get “that feeling”. Neal Unger has taken up skateboarding at his local skatepark at 60 years old, he is the perfect example of why we love action sports. Now go and show your parents this video and drag them down to the skatepark for a session!!

You’re never to old to skate, you’re are as old as you feel. Keep riding.


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