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Video: Let’s Make Owen Page Send It ft. Mike Hullock and Zak Turner

By 20th November 2014 BMX, Riders, Video

Owen Page has been riding Rampworx Skatepark for the last few years now and has been progressing at a rapid rate, it’s terrifying! To us it feels like only yesterday he was learning tail whips and jumping the boxes, now he’s holding his own in a session with the pros!

This year Owen has really stepped up his game and sending every trick that he thinks of; this tends to happen quite a lot these days.

Owen Page Cash Roll

Owen has grown up in a skatepark where you have a very high standard of rider killing the park on any given day of the week. With Pro riders such as Gary Spencer, Paul Ryan, Ben Lewis, Anton McGuirk and Harry Main floating around the park it is no surprise that this guy has been learning so quick!

After trying Cash Rolls into our foam pit for a few months he randomly decided to send it on a jump box and nailed it! He is the youngest rider to ever land a Cash Roll on a BMX, and he’s only 14 years old!!!!

Keep your eyes on this kid, who knows what he will be landing next year.


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