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Video: Call the Shots #3 Gary Spencer ft. Sam Nolan & Danny

By 10th December 2014 BMX, Riders, Video

Gary Spencer is not only one of our favourite BMX riders, he is also becoming widely known in the U.K scene as one of the top up and coming riders.

Gary is full of tricks and full of laughs; there isn’t a session where he won’t make everyone laugh. After recently being picked up by MGP Action Sports he has more energy than ever and won’t stop progressing.


“Progression to me is getting up of a morning and thinking about what tricks will become A reality today. Progression is what makes me keep trying no matter how bad the crash(es). Progression keeps me thinking. Progression to me is what makes me want more. Progressing should be called “Funning” because to me… That makes more sense.” – Gary Spencer.

This is just a small taste of what Gary is capable of. Keep an eye out for his full edit – coming soon.

Filmed and edited by Keith Melia.

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