Looking for something a bit different for your Birthday Party, you found the right place! Rampworx Birthday Parties are a great way to celebrate your special day whilst doing some super fun action sports with your friends. We have over 75,000 sq ft of skatepark for you to shred with your friends. We provide all the equipment you need for the day scooters, helmets, skateboards, bikes – whatever sport you choose we have everything you need.

We have a variety of birthday party packages to fit anyone’s budgets and requirements. From our brand new birthday room to a personal birthday coordinator to look after you and your guests on the day.

What’s included with my Birthday Party?

2 Hour Party

Your Rampworx party will consist of 1 hour with your instructor in the skatepark and 1 hour in your Private Birthday Room to enjoy your food and drink (use this hour to pop in and out and use the skatepark if you like). You will have your own dedicated party host and coach throughout the course of your party. 15-minute safety brief and equipment hire fit out.

Private Birthday Room

When you book a Birthday Party at Rampworx, you get exclusive use of our birthday party room. You will be able to keep all your bags, cake and equipment in this room whilst you’re out having fun on the skatepark. After the 1 hour with your instructor, you will be taken back to the party room for food!

Private Coach

As part of your birthday package, you get one of our trained instructors (who is also a sponsored rider!) to teach your group how to ride in the skatepark. All of our coaches are professional riders and will be able to help teach your group everything from the basics of using a skatepark to how to perfect flips and tricks! As well as show off their skills, for the wow factor! Their main priority is keeping your gang safe and together in the skatepark, remember – extreme sports are dangerous! The instructor will make sure nobody is trying anything above their ability.

Equipment Hire

Everyone will be provided with all of the equipment they need to get up and riding in the skatepark. We provide all the equipment from scooters, bikes, skateboards, inline skates and helmets, you don’t need to worry about a thing. However, you can bring your own equipment if you like. Whatever sport you pick, will be the equipment provided for the entire group. The coach you get will be a master of that sport, so chose wisely! No mixing sports.

Goodie Bags

All members of your party will get a Rampworx goodie bag which consists of the following:
Rampworx Sticker Pack (worth £5)
Free Session Pass to the skatepark (worth £10)
Rampworx 241 Voucher (worth £7)
Exclusive Offers

The birthday boy/girl gets an extra special present from the Rampworx team.

Party Photo

During the course of your party, we will snap a group photo of the gang having fun which will be posted online across our social networks of over 100,000+ people! We may even give you a follow/shoutout on instagram 😉

10 Guests

Our birthday packages are based on having 10 guests attending your party. For every extra person you wish to add to your package it is £20 per head off peak, £25 peak. Minimum age is STRICTLY 5 years old. All users MUST fill in a membership form online BEFORE arrival. This is completely FREE and is how we sign everybody into the skatepark. Try to do it before you arrive, anybody without one will miss out on the fun whilst they are signing up using our iPads in reception. We CANNOT start the party until everybody is signed in!

Choose a sport

We offer 4 types of sports when it comes to parties at Rampworx. Stunt Scooter, BMX, Inline Skate and Skateboard. Whichever sport you choose we will provide you with a coach and equipment tailored to this sport included in the price! Please note: If the birthday boy/girl is familiar with the chosen sport, be mindful of the sport you chose. We would recommend scooters if your gang are all beginners. If they have never skateboarded before chances are they will be stood around!

Food + Unlimited Drinks

Our parties are fully catered so you don’t need to worry about arranging food, although you can bring along whatever you like e.g. cupcakes, snacks, sweets etc. Your party guests will each get a portion of chips and a choice of hotdog, pepperoni or cheese pizza! Normally our party-goers select a pick n mix – they all get a portion of chips each, and for the rest of the food we put a little of everything on the table for your guests to grab and eat! There is also unlimited juice in the party room for the duration – riding/skating makes you thirsty!

Special Birthday Present

The birthday boy or girl will receive an extra special present from the Rampworx team to make their day that extra bit special. As well as a goodie bag they will get the following:
Rampworx Skatepark T-shirt (worth £15)
EXTRA Bunch of Stickers & Goodies and a Rampworx Wristband (worth £20)
FREE Week Pass (Worth £160!!!)

Party Invites

We can provide you with  party e-invites that can be printed out at home and sent to your guests. Just ask upon booking and we can send them through!

Want the skatepark to yourself?

We offer a super exclusive closed-door hire for those looking to make your birthday even more special. Just your party in the skatepark, all to yourselves!

Normal Price

£ 580

2 Hour Party
10 Guests
Private Party Room
Meal for every guest
Unlimited Drinks
Helmet Hire
Scooter Hire
Coach & Party Host
Party Bag
Group Photo
Rampworx Party Invites
Birthday Present for the birthday boy/girl

Limited Time OfferFrom

£ 250

2 Hour Party
10 Guests (more than 10 includes an extra cost pp)
Private Party Room
Meal for every guest
Unlimited Juice
Helmet Hire
Scooter Hire
Skatepark Instructor
Goodie Bag
Group Photo
Rampworx Party Invites
Birthday Present for the birthday boy/girl


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