Rampworx is a breading ground for some of the worlds best BMX riders. Many Pro riders  session the skatepark on a regular basis such as Harry Main, Ben Lewis, Paul Ryan, Anthony Watkinson and Pete Sawyer.

BMX Halloween All Nighter


Every year Rampworx hosts a huge BMX Halloween Allnighter event. This event is just crazy, riders from all over the country come to Rampworx in fancy dress to ride non stop all night. This event typically runs from 10pm until 8am the next morning! We host a bunch of contests throughout the day and give away a bunch of prizes.As well as big contest we also run a series of more low key events throughout the year. Our “BMX Only Sessions” usually take place on a Monday night and allow all of the BMX riders to ride the park without any other sports in the building, the atmosphere at these events is amazing, everyone is cheering each other on to land tricks and try new things. Make sure you keep checking out our events page for our latest BMX Only Session.


Rampworx Skatepark offers BMX coaching on specific days during the week, all equipment is provided and our skilled coaching staff will help you get the confidence to use the skatepark like a pro in no time! It doesn\’t matter if you have never skated before or you just want a little help to perfect your technique we are here to help you achieve your goals!


The BMX phenomenon really began in the early 70’s when kids began jumping on their BMX’s to race on the dirt tracks of southern This was a direct offshoot of motorcross, which was incredibly popular at that time. The popularity of the Schwinn Sting-Ray, which was easily customized for control and improved performance. By the mid 1970‘s BMX had really took off and respective manufacturers began creating bicycles designed especially for the sport. For a long time the freestyle BMX movement was largely an underground movement until in 1977, the American Bicycle Association (ABA) was established as one of the key governing bodies who really took hold of the sport to drive it forwards for the sport. Founded in 1981, the International BMX Federation was formed with  the very first World Championships held in 1982. After this point BMX began to gain in momentum and prominence.

Modern day BMX Freestyle incorporates the Dirt, Vert, Park, Street and Flatland discipline. It was a combination of BMX racers who enjoyed taking their sports to stylistic limits of what they could do on their bikes who began to take the sports to the next level and it was  Bob Haro, the founder of Haro Bikes, who became known as “The Father of Freestyle.” Such is the popularity of BMX Freestyle it has become one of the main events at the annual Summer X Games Extreme Sports and the posthumous ETNIES backyard jam, which is hosted on both coasts of the United States. Freestyle BMX is rather unique in that their are no no specific rules (street riders usually don’t have brakes If they do, it is mostly straight cable, not gyro!) and style/aesthetics, skills, and creativity are widely encouraged! Most riders like to have front and back pegs on one side of their bike. The market for freestyle BMX is hugely competitive as manufacturers try to lure riders with lighter freestyle bikes, advanced components, and eye catching accessories. BMX is now one of most popular and widely participated extreme sports at Rampworx.