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Buyers Guide: Top 5 Reasons you need an MGP MFX Deck

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MGP MFX Deck Chrome

The NEW Limited Edition MFX Deck‘s from MGP have just landed in the Rampworx Shop so we thought we would give you our two cents on why these decks are on everyones wish list.

Ryan Williams MFX Deck

1. The MFX Deck has been tested by one of the best rider on the planet for over two years before production.

Now, there is not a much better seal of approval than having Ryan Williams throwing one of these MFX decks over a mega ramp day in day out on a world tour with Nitro Circus. If it can handle the demands of R Willys insane level of riding and 100 ft disaster gaps on a daily basis then you can be sure it can take whatever you can throw at it at your local spot and then some.

MFX Deck Chrome

2. It’s the prefect width for street or park riding.

The MFX Deck ticks all the boxes in this area, no matter if your a street head and only hit up ledges and rails or if you prefer to bust out a flair at your local skatepark the MFX is built for it all. The super wide flat bottom available in two sizes 4.5″ and 4.8″ and comes in 21″ long which makes it perfect for locking into boardslides and lipslides. It also comes with boxed edges making those fingerwhips and grinds easier than ever before. The wide deck also ensures your feet have maximum room when grinding  and with a nice subtle 3mm concave throughout the deck for extra grip and comfort. This is also a huge plus when you come to landing air tricks as your landing area just got that little bit bigger.

MFX Deck Bottom

3. It’s super light and strong!

The tricky part when it comes to making a deck is finding the perfect balance between strength and weight. Too light and it bends and cracks and too heavy and it’s not rideable. With MGPs extrusion technology they have managed to get the MFX Deck weight to just 1.8Kgs! The MFX deck has shaved off all that extra weight found in traditional older decks but without compromising on the strength and reliability that MGP has become famous for. All the stress points in the deck have been reinforced to give you a guaranteed solid ride and it even comes with a new Scalloped 3D Forged 84 degree DownTube!

MFX Deck Chrome

4. It’s worth way more then £100!

Now some people think £100 for a deck is expensive, but for the amount of quality you are buying you can be sure it’s money well spent. The only reason the MADD scientist behind the MFX deck are able to make this deck so cheap is because of MGP’s extensive production and distribution network. If some other companies where to release a scooter deck with this much research, development and new technology (not to mention years of testing) It would cost twice the price! In our humble opinion this deck is worth closer to the £160-£200 mark. The MFX is great value for money at just £100!


5. It’s super Limited Edition!

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be riding the same scooter as every other guy in the skatepark. The MFX deck is super limited edition, so make sure you grab one before they are all gone!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your MFX deck here and hit up the skatepark.

Bonus reason

You get 2 free sessions to Rampworx Skatepark worth £15 when you buy a MFX Deck here!

Dialed Scooter Comp Article Void Magazine

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The guys over at Void Magazine have put together this sick article about the Dialled Comp we hosted earlier in the year.

On Friday the 9th of May there was a mass migration of almost the entire UK scooter scene and even a few internationals to Rampworx in Liverpool. Dialed has instantly become one of the biggest dates in the scooter calendar and it’s debut event really showed why it is and shall remain to be. Unfortunately the drive up to Liverpool was not nearly as successful as the event itself was; the M5/M6 and how terrible they both were was the main topic of discussion once everyone had finally arrived.

There was an incredible line up of some of Europe’s best riders attending the very first Dialed competition. The likes of Enzo Commeau, Ryan McNamara, Archie Cole, Corey Van Lew, Dakota Schuetz, Lewis Willimas and Soly Bloomfield were all drawn in by the promise of a days competing in on the UK’s biggest and best parks. I’m sure the £1,000 prize money had nothing to do with it at all!

Head on over to there website to check out the full article.



Rampworx Wins Ride UK Skatepark of the Year!

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Ride UK Skatepark of the Year Rampworx

We are very proud to announce that we won our second “Skatepark of the Year” Award for 2013. After the success of winning the UKRA Skatepark of the Year in October we have also picked up the Ride UK 2013 Reader Awards “Skatepark of the Year” award!! We are super hyped on winning this award and will display it proudly in the skatepark.

It would not be possible for us to win these awards without the continued support from our loyal users. We continue to do what we do for you guys and will endeavour to continue improving our skatepark for as long as humainly possible. We would like to thank everyone that voted for us to win this prestigious award and the guys at Ride UK for doing a great job documenting the BMX scene.

Video: Street Plaza | Paul Ryan & Phil Demattia | BMX

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Rampworx Skatepark has expanded it’s current skatepark in Liverpool by 15,000 square feet making it the largest indoor skatepark in the UK at 70,000 square feet. Designed by John Saxton (Woodward, X-Games) this Street Plaza has everything you need to have the perfect session.

Paul Ryan Rampworx Street Plaza

We have some amazing local riders at our skatepark, the level of talent in the North West is just crazy. We asked two of our local riders to test out our NEW Street Plaza.
Now who better to test out a Street Plaza then one of the best Street Riders on the planet? Liverpool native Paul Ryan (Mongoose, Shadow, Nike) has been supporting Rampworx since day one. You can be sure to see Paul riding the park when he is not jet setting all over the world competing in some of the biggest contests on the planet!

Phil Demattia Rampworx Street Plaza

Another local Phil Demattia was on hand, not only is he a sick rider, but this guy has some serious skills hidden up his sleeve. From building rails to destroying them in video sections Phil can do it all!

Matty Lambert Rampworx

However, the talent in Liverpool does not end at riding. We also have some of the best creative talent in the industry up here as well. Matty Lambert is another loyal Rampworx supporter and we have seen him come on leaps and bounds from his early days filming in the park with his friends (who coincidentally are now all pro). He is now one of the most in demand videographers in the Action Sports industry! He has a client list that most people would kill for Nike to Red Bull and Monster Energy the list goes on. Matty was on hand to capture these two great riders having fun in our new Street Plaza, check it out.

Centre Stage: Jay Hobson

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Jay Hobson is one of the best up and coming BMX talents in the UK. This guy has an insane amount of skill and his trick vocabulary is just nuts. If you have ever seen him riding then you know what we are talking about. Jay throws some insane tricks in this video, (check 1:46) from 360 Double Whips to 720 Bars, this guy has some serious tricks up his sleeves and reminds us of certain Liverpool Pro.

Jay Hobson Center Stage

We invited Jay down to Rampworx Skatepark to shoot our first “Centre Stage” video. Our Centre Stage videos will showcase some of the more elite riders that come to our skatepark on a regular basis to practice and ride.

Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool is the biggest skatepark in the UK at 70,000 square feet.

Filmed and Edited by Ste Melia.

BMX Rider/Amputee Kurt Yaeger at Rampworx Sep 24th

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Kurt Yaeger

Amputee American pro Bmx rider / Hollywood actor Kurt Yaeger is touring in the UK this month and will be at Rampworx on Tuesday 24th September, due to the massive success of the music video “Waiting All Night” by the well know UK band, Rudimental. Topping the charts as number 1 for multiple weeks, the song was widely known as the hit of the summer 2013 in the UK. Kurt played a bmxer who was hit by a van while on his bmx and subsequently, his left leg was amputated below the knee. The story in the video highlights the struggle of his road to recovery and how his friends helped him recover, finally getting back on his bike. This video is so inspiring that its had almost 40 million views in only a few months.

Kurt, who is a full time actor in Hollywood, has also stared in the Tv show Sons of Anarchy as “Greg the Peg”, the film Dolphin Tale with Morgan Freeman, and a new Tv on HBO called Quarry. All these projects have been shown world wide so his fan base is growing rapidly.


The fans have been asking “when is he going to make it over to the UK to come and visit?”. With the help of Specialized, Ossur, CTi, Drift Innovation and Zeal BMX, he’s put together a two week “meet and greet” tour that we be filmed and documented for a eight part web-series. The aim is not just to ride bmx at some of the top skateparks in the UK but to visit hospitals and charities where children have lost limbs or have a terminal illness to bring inspiration into their lives. Kurt it so upbeat about the future, the children will see what Kurt has gone though and learn that there can be a bright and positive future ahead for them too.

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line visit Rampworx

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Yesterday we had a very special group of visitors at our skatepark from the outskirts of Ukraine, the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line. We offered this great charity the chance to use our entire skatepark for FREE with a private coaching session with our very own BMX coach and Vans rider, Zack Williams.


These children come from a very different environment to ours and it is the first time they have ever had the opportunity to visit a skatepark, so we wanted to make the experience as awesome as possible! Read More

Rampworx Summer 241 Voucher

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It’s back! The Rampworx summer 241 voucher will start on the 25th July and continue all the way up until the 5th September. This means you and a friend can get into Rampworx for half the price!!

All you have to do is print off this voucher, fill it in and bring it with you to the skatepark. Easy as 1,2,3.

We are open Holiday Times during the time span of voucher offer so please check our Opening Hours before making your trip to the skatepark.
Read More

Kaltik x Rampworx UFS Frame

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Rampworx has collaborated with Irish Hardware company Kaltik to bring you one of the most anticipated frame designs of the year!

Kaltik have some of the best riders on their team including rollerblade legend Aaron Feinberg and English Pro Steve Swain.

These frames are available for pre order exclusively on our shop website for £50 with FREE SHIPPING in the UK. They will be sent out the minute they arrive in about 3 weeks.

Frame features:

– Unique H block technology
– Designed to skate flat set up of 60mm wheels
– Unique plastic compound
– Small frames measures 238mm
– Large frame measures 257mm
– Small pair weigh 650 grms {inc hardware}
– Large pair weigh 725 grms {inc hardware}

Pre order your pair here!

Video: Rampworx Summer Clinic 2010

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Rampworx hosted once again a FREE Summer Clinic, in partnership with Merseyrail, Merseytravel and C.A.L.M. The clinic took place during the school holidays for 3 days, July 27th/28th/29th. Each day we catered for a different sport with the Rampworx coaches.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the clinic and to all our sponsors that backed the event.