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New Ramp: 6ft Spine

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The latest addition to the Jump Box course is a 6ft Spine! This ramp is a monster and is perfect for any riders looking to mix things up on the course.

Make sure you head on down for a session this week to test this bad boy out.

Word on street is a few more ramps will be coming in the next few weeks…

Laced Pro Blading Comp this Saturday 28th Feb 21015 at Rampworx

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Laced poster 2015

This Saturday will see some of the biggest names in Aggressive Skating come to Liverpool to battle it out for the number one spot at Laced. With 17 different nationalities already confirmed and 100 riders registered to compete you can be sure that this event will be one not to be missed! With world class riders like Roman Abrate, Steve Swain, Alex Burston all confirmed to compete on the day you want to make sure you make it down to Rampworx for the day.

This is a rollerblade only event so no BMX’s, Scooters or Skateboards will be allowed in on the day. The Skatepark will be back open as normal on Sunday 1st March 2015.

Scooter Pro’s use Rampworx Bearings

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Bearings are an important part of anybodies set up, it is the key element that gives you speed. A good set of bearings and a decent wheel goes a long way, you will find riding becomes much easier and enjoyable.

Two riders that know this are Jamie Hull (MGP Pro) and Sammy Williamson (Lucky Pro) who both needed a revamp in bearings when riding the skatepark this week. They both picked up some Rampworx Bearings. If you have seen these little shredders ride then you know that these guys go BIG and having a decent set of bearings in your wheels definitely makes going big that little bit easier. Picked up some Rampworx Bearings to get that extra bit of speed.

Rampworx Bearings

You can pick up a set of Rampworx ABEC 9 bearings for just £14.95 and ABEC 7 bearings for just £11.95! Thats some crazy cheap prices, so why not treat yourself to a smoother ride?

Bleach Magazine

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You may have already heard about Bleach, and if you haven’t yet then be sure to check them out! These guys are bringing a fresh new magazine to the extreme sports industry.

Coving all your favourites, BMX, inline, skateboarding and loads of other crazy sh*t.  Sick stuff like, Freestyle skiing, wakeboarding, rock climbing and loads more!

Issue 1 featured inline hero Alex Burston for the first ever spotlight and we they have plenty more big names lined up for future issues. Download it here!

The guys at Bleach are reaching out to the community inviting people to get involved, writing, doing photography anything you like! Giving everyone a chance to be apart of it, making this new mag a real collective!

Running features such as youngers for kids who have been getting there names out there and showing some serious passion in what they’re doing a chance to be in a magazine along with the pros. The guys are always on the look out for the next youngers candidates.

The magazine also covers music, art, tattoos and mooovies! So make sure you pick one put next time your at the skatepark! Check them out on facebook and if you want to work with Bleach get in touch!

Issue 2 will be out very soon so keep your eyes peeled!



Foam Pit Opens Tuesday!

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Rampworx Foam Pit Construction

It’s been a long time coming, but the Foam Pit will be open officially on Tuesday 30th July at 12pm! This is the biggest foam pit in the country and we are sure you guys are going to love learning new tricks on this. At each side of the foam pit we have built a quarter pipe to help you guys learn how to pull off flairs and other tricks without hitting anything hard! On the top decking we also have a vert wall to launch, so you can jump straight into the step up and continue your line!

We are currently open Holiday Times, you can check the opening times here.

Helmets must be worn by anyone wishing to use the Foam Pit.*

Scooter Summer Clinic 2013

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Rampworx Scooter Summer Clinic

This summer, Rampworx will be hosting a FREE Scooter Clinic taking place on Wednesday August 21st and Thursday August 22nd with 60 places up for grabs (30 on each day). You must register online to get your place.

The clinic, which has been kindly sponsored by Merseyrail and Peel Ports, starts at 10am and finishes at 12pm and ALL EQUIPMENT & COACHING is provided. This is the perfect chance for new riders to get into the sport. You do not need any prior experience to enroll for this clinic, it is perfect for any new riders or those riders looking to perfect there scooter riding skills.

Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late for the session will not be allowed to participate.

NEW Razors Jeph Howard Pro SL Skate

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American Pro Jeph Howard has finally got his first ever Razors Pro Skates and quite deservingly too! He has been killing the Streets of Minneapolis for years. The NEW Razors Jeph Howard Pro skate has kept the same design style as the much love new Razors SL boot. Razors have thrown a grey canvas on their new tried, tested and definitely proven new SL skate to make them one of the best looking skates the Aggressive Skate market has seen for years.

Jeph 1

Razors have kept all the same perks that Razors Skates lovers desire with this pro skate including the deep solid ‘thud’ sound when landing from those great heights they have achieved this with a new shock and sound absorber between the soul and boot allowing none of that nasty plastic clacking feel and sound when landing.

The Jug liner has been specially designed to meet Jeph’s needs and specifications. These liners offer the upmost in comfort and foot/ankle support with its neoprene toe area and articulated ankle shape. One of the main reasons why Razors Skates skates are so well desired is and always has been the super slippy yet insanely strong backslide and soul plates. The backslide plates offer amazing control when locked onto those backside and frontside grinds thus making those difficult switch ups that much easier to master.

The Jeph Howards are fully loaded with the GC Featherlite 2 Frames (arguably the best frame EVER) giving a slippy yet grippy slide to your grinds, Razor Team 56mm 90A wheels, Titen Abec 9 bearings for the extra fast yet smooth ride and Ground Control 42mm nylon anti rockers.

The Howard skates are locked and loaded with GC Featherlite 2 Ground Control Frames, Razor Team 56mm 90a Wheels, Titen ABEC 9 Bearings and GC 42mm nylon anti rockers.

Except for the SL shell itself, all of the parts on this Razor skate are readily available and easily replaceable when they wear out from your daily grind, meaning that the lifespan of the skates can be increased dramatically and you can customize them in the future with different part colors and aftermarket parts.

When you buy the Razors Jeph Howard SL Skate you get a FREE Razors 6.1 Huble Backpack, just in time for the holidays. The Humble 6.1 is the perfect day pack for all your belongings and is big enough to fit a school binder. Additional features are a skate holder in the front, a large main compartment, front pocket, media port, mesh side pockets, padded back, articulated, pre-shaped shoulder straps and high end Polyester and rip-stop materials.



  • NEW harder and stronger boot material
  • NEW faster soul materials
  • Additional eyelet holes for extra support
  • Razor Pro Liner loaded with features
  • Soft top (over hard shell)
  • SL Cuff
  • GC Featherlite 2 Frames
  • Razor Team 56mm 90a pro wheels
  • Titen ABEC 9 bearings
  • GC 42mm nylon Anti-Rockersjeph 4

You can pick up a pair of the Razor Jeph Howard Pro SL Skates from the Rampworx Shop now!

Rampworx Cut & Sew Clothing

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The summer is finally here, so why not ditch your coats and maximise your wardrobe variety with the all NEW Rampworx premium cut and sew 2013 T-Shirts and Hoodie design? Now offering the best in both comfort and style. Specially cut to ensure it gives the upmost comfort when riding/skating. These Rampworx T-shirts are unlike any other of the previous T-shirts we have produced on nasty ‘Fruit of the Loom’
shirts, these are all cut from roles of premium cotton made with love and you in mind.

We have produced some awesome new designs which we know you will LOVE. Have you ever bought one of those awful T-shirts that shrink after the first few washes? Well, you will not find that with ours. All of our 2013 clothing line has been heat-treated, this means that you will NOT need to worry about the clothes shrinking after a couple of washes and that the T-shirt designs will not fade after being in the dryer. What more could you possibly want?

Why stop at the T-shirts? Don’t be caught out and protect your eyes from those blinding British UV Sun Rays with the NEW Rampworx Sunglasses. These glasses offer UV 400 protection and are designed around the super popular wayfarer shade design. The Rampworx wayfarer shades come in 3 different colours making it easier to match with your summer outfits not to mention are some of the best fitting Shades around as they have a reinforced hinge making them more durable and tighter to your head thus maximizing comfort ability to a whopping 10/10.

Merseyside’s own Ian Barrar spent the night with Marc Mulvaney at Gayton Skatepark just located outside of Heswall last night. Gayton Skatepark is a council skatepark which is the popular skatepark for BMX’s, Aggressive Skates, Skateboards and Stunt Scooters.

Mr Barrar is a new up and coming photography student with a lot of talent and passion about what he loves. He studies at The University of the Arts, London College studying fashion and photography. Be sure to see more of his outstanding work on his website http://cargocollective.com/ianbarrar. Ian was kind enough to shoot some photos of the latest Rampworx Clothing range. These photos feature a bunch of T-Shirts and shades produced and retailed exclusively by Rampworx.


Windsor Catholic Primary vist the skatepark

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Today Rampworx launched their free taster session offer with some of the young children from Windsor Catholic Primary based in Toxteth, Liverpool.

They were treated to some expert BMX tuition from our in house rider, Zac Williams who rides for Hoffman Bikes and Vans. They had a great time and we hope to see them again soon!

Remember, if you want your school or youth group to come to Rampworx for a free 2 hour session between now and July 19th get in touch with Tony Berry on 0151 638 9000. Read More