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Coaching & Under 16’s Session on Wednesday

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Under 16 Coaching Session

The Rampworx Coaching Academy takes place on the following days.

Inline Skate Coaching / Tuesday – 5pm till 7pm.
Scooter & BMX Coaching / Wednesday – 5pm till 7pm.

Funded by Sport England, the academy is designed to offer a safe structured environment to allow children and young people the opportunity to learn how to ride a Scooter, BMX, Skateboard and Inline skates all under the guidance of our qualified coaching staff.

The session costs just £7 per person and all equipment; including safety gear is provided.


In addition, Rampworx also aims to develop young peoples abilities away from the skatepark by introducing them to experiences that will shape their development into young adults and give them life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Please note: The Wednesday evening coaching sessions will take place in term time only. During Sefton half term, the sessions will change to Wednesdays between 10 and 12PM. 

For more information please call 0151 530 1500 after 4PM (Tuesday – Friday), or email info@rampworx.com.

Laced Pro Blading Comp this Saturday 28th Feb 21015 at Rampworx

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Laced poster 2015

This Saturday will see some of the biggest names in Aggressive Skating come to Liverpool to battle it out for the number one spot at Laced. With 17 different nationalities already confirmed and 100 riders registered to compete you can be sure that this event will be one not to be missed! With world class riders like Roman Abrate, Steve Swain, Alex Burston all confirmed to compete on the day you want to make sure you make it down to Rampworx for the day.

This is a rollerblade only event so no BMX’s, Scooters or Skateboards will be allowed in on the day. The Skatepark will be back open as normal on Sunday 1st March 2015.

Video: Tom Jowett Rampworx Closed Session

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At Rampworx we are all about giving the up and coming rider a chance to showcase there stuff, Tom Jowett is one of those riders. Tom has been tipped by industry insiders to be one of the next big riders in the blading industry so it was only right that we invited him down for a private session in our skatepark. Tom will be competing at Laced on the 28/2/15 at Rampworx Skatepark. For more details check out http://lacedcomp.com

Pro rider Steve Swain was on hand to capture the footage.

Video: Stephen Swain x Undercover is unreal!

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Stephen Swain is without doubt one of the most talented bladers on the planet, fact! This guy can go head to head with anyone on any obstacle and more often than not he will leave them thinking, how did he do that?


No stranger to the Rampworx Jump Boxes this guy makes aerial tricks look effortless combined with his ability to lace every grind you can think of, switch is a very dangerous combination. We remember when Steve was just a kid driving from Yorkshire to Rampworx most weekends to be able to practice tricks he wanted to perfect. 10 years later he’s still doing it, currently residing in France and traveling around the competition circuit (and winning) this guy shows no sign of slowing down.

Make sure you pick up some wheels from Rampworx Shop!

Video: Chris Williams Park Edit

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Chris Williams is a Rampworx local and has been for as long as we can remember. Chris has just released this NEW park edit of himself killing it at a bunch of different skateparks across the UK. Rumor has it that this guy managed to destroy 3 pairs of skates filming for this video, go big or go home! Chris Williams at Rampworx Skatepark Photo Matt Dearden

Video: Chris Haffey Open Season

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Remz Pro rider Chris Haffey has been around the world and back again touring with Nitro Circus. There’s a reason for this, because Haffey is an absolute machine when it comes to going big or going home.


Chris Haffeys latest video Open Season shows just why the Remz pro is a contracted athlete with Nitro. Click play and see just how big he can go whilst destroying the Mega Ramp.

You can buy Remz Pro Skates from the Rampworx Shop here.

Video: Laced 2014 at Rampworx Skatepark

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Laced is the biggest Pro/Am Blading contest in the UK. With over 140 riders flying in from 18 different countries to compete at the biggest indoor skatepark in the UK Rampworx it was guaranteed to be a crazy event.

Remz Pro rider Nils Janson from Latvia took top honors winning Best Trick with a Disaster AO Pornstar over the Rail and taking the #1 Pro spot.

Jack Swindells killed the Am contest taking 1st and qualifying for the Pro finals all whilst picking up a sponsorship deal from SEBA Skates Street for his efforts!


Jenna Downing made her first competitive comeback by taking the #1 spot in the Girls contest in a head to head battle between Razors team mate Rosie O’Donoghue who took a very close 2nd.

Filmed and edited by Ned Espeut-Nickless.

Results from the contest below:

1. Nils Jansons
2. Nick lomax
3. Steve Swain
4. CJ Wellsmore
5. Jelle Briggeman
6. Elliott Stevens
7. Rob Pruett
8. Scott Quinn
9. Joey Egan
10. Jack Swindles

1. Jenna Downing
2. Rosie O’Donoghue
3. Stephanie Richer
4. Jackie Schrooten
5. Manon Derrien

1. Jack Swindells
2. James Keyte
3. Erik Droogh
4. Yuma Baudoin
5. Dan Hemsley
6. Lewis Bowden
7. Stephane Torres
8. Evert Lubja
9. Dano Gorman
10. Patrick Egan

Rampworx Skatepark – http://rampworx.com/
Razors Skates – http://razorskate.com/
SlaptTap – http://slaptap.com/
USD Skates – http://usd-skate.com/
Prolineskates –http://prolineskates.com/
Roll House – http://rollhouse.co.uk/
The Blade Clothing – http://thebladeclothing.co.uk/
Grindhouse – http://grindhouse.eu/
Loco Skates – http://locoskates.com/
Be-Mag – http://be-mag.com/
Rollernews – http://rollernews.com/
Red Bull – http://redbull.com/

Video: Ground Control Bails Section

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Unfortunately learning to fall is part of doing an Action Sport. You are going to fall, and surprisingly it gets a little easier to handle the more you do it. Learning to fall and roll away safely or with minimal injuries is a technique we all perfect. Pick a shoulder and learn to roll!! However no matter how good you are, sometimes your tricks don’t go according to plan and you have a bail! It’s tradition in most skate/BMX DVD’s to have a bails section to show everyone the hard work that went into getting the clips from your favourite section.

Alex Burston Bail

Rollerbladers tend to have some of the worst bails due to being strapped into skates, they have to land with their equipment on, they can’t throw it away and it can result in some pretty nasty bails.


Everyone knew that the latest Ground Control DVD was going to be epic and with an epic DVD comes an epic bails section. Some of these guys take some serious bails. Check out the bails section from the Ground Control DVD above.

Edited by Simon Mulvaney.

Registration for Laced 2014 is OPEN!

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Laced will be taking place at Rampworx Skatepark for the 3rd year running. This is the biggest blading contest in the UK with a Pro, Am and Girl contest. Last year we had over 120 riders compete from 13 different countries.

If you wish to register for Laced you must pre register for the event online here! It is not possible to register for the event on the day of the contest.