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Buyers Guide: Top 10 Stunt Scooters this Christmas 2015

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Buying a Stunt Scooter this Christmas? We are here to help!  Here you can find our top 10 Stunt Scooters for Christmas 2015.  Having the biggest and longest running skatepark in the UK we have seen the good the bad and ugly when it comes to scooters.

At Rampworx we see a lot of stunt scooters throughout the year at our skatepark and also repair and build thousands in the process, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our scooter experts have sat down and gone through some of the best scooters on the market to compile a nice buyers guide for you this 2015. Check out our top 10 stunt scooters below.


1. AO Delta 2 / £139.99 – Buy Here

AO’s newest and most revolutionary scooter has finally arrived and its sick!! This stunt scooter features the lightest compression system on the market; IHC. As standard the Delta 2 comes with 110mm Alloy Core Wheels from 841 which comes with a lifetime warranty against de-hubbing! Not only that but this scooter will also fit 125mm wheels for all you speed freaks!

With the Delta 2’s NEW glossy paint job and sick graphics combined with a very reasonable price; we at Rampworx Skatepark believe that this is the best scooter on the market for 2015! It rides smooth is super light in weight and it’s style is on point! If you are looking for a new scooter this Christmas, this is it!

Skill: Intermediate
Age: 8+
Wheels: 110mm (fits 125mm)
Headset: Integrated
Compression: IHC


2. Sacrifice Flyte 115 / £230  (£255 Neo Chrome) – Buy Here

The Sacrifice Flyte 115 Series is  hugely popular choice here at Rampworx. With a 115mm wide deck it has that little bit extra foot room to make landing those tricks that little bit easier. The Flyte 115 is also ultralight making it a great option for park and street riders.

The Flyte 115 Series has been designed for that rider demanding more from their scooter. This beast features slightly wider bars than your normal scooter with the insanely popular S-Grips for a smoother ride. As standard the Flyte 115 comes with Sacrifice 110mm Blender Wheels that have a lifetime warranty against de-hubbing so you can ride in confidence. The Sacrifice Flyte 115 is available in 7 sick colours so you can be sure to grab the ride you want.

Did we mention that it comes in Neo Chrome, we love Neo Chrome!

Skill: Advanced/Intermediate
Age: 8+
Wheels: 110mm
Headset: Integrated
Compression: IHC


3. MGP Team Edition £139.95 (£149.95 Ltd Edition) – Buy Here

The MGP Team Edition smashes it again for 2015! This has to be the most sought after scooter since early 2011 without a doubt one of the most reliable and robust scooters on the market. MGP nail it every year with the Team Edition with its low price point and high specs you can’t go wrong.

MADD gear is the market leader in Stunt Scooters so rest assured you are buying a quality product with a great warrantee. The MGP Team Edition comes in 15 colours from Pink to Blue to Green and everything in-between you can be sure you will find a style that fits your needs. The Team Edition is responsive, durable and a great all rounder. This scooter comes with HIC Compression for 2015 and has some how become even lighter without  loosing any strength! If you are after a scooter to last then this scooter is the one for you!

Skill: Intermediate/Beginner
Age: 5+
Wheels: 110mm
Headset: Integrated
Compression: HIC


4. MGP VX5 Extreme £229.95 – Buy Here

The MGP VX5 Extreme is the top of the line MGP that comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. Our favourite thing about the Extreme is the 4.5″ Wide Concave, Fluted and Extruded Deck, this means its super wide, super light and super strong! It even comes with  MGP’s Composite Brake (the strongest and lightest brake you can get). This scooter also comes as standard with 120mm Cold Forged Alloy Wheels pre-fitted with super fast Bearings.

So if you are after a scooter that is light, strong and fast then you have found your next ride. MGP’s are the market leaders in quality so you can be rest ashured that you are buying a great scooter that goes through a solid year of product testing by the MGP Pro team before its released into production.

Skill: Advanced/Intermediate
Age: 8+
Wheels: 110mm
Headset: Integrated
Compression: HIC


5. Sacrifice Flyte 100 £199.95 – Buy Here

The Flyte 100 Series is the ultralight option for younger scooter riders out there. Due to its super light construction it is perfect for skatepark riding. The Flyte 100 Series has been masterfully designed for the little rippers demanding more from their scooter. The Flyte 100 comes stacked with 100mm wheels, a revamped IHC compression and S-Grips as standard, it is one of the lightest complete stunt scooter on the market for 2015. Perfect for the rider looking to upgrade from their first scooter.

Skill: Intermediate
Age: 8+
Wheels: 110mm
Headset: Integrated
Compression: IHC


6. AO Stealth 3 £199.95 – Buy Here

The is a beast! The AO Stealth 3 is the top of the line scooter from Alpha Omega for 2015 and it does not disappoint.

Arguably one of the most advanced complete stunt scooters on the market for 2015. This scooter features everyones favourite compression system; SCS to allow for greater customisation on aftermarket parts and not forgetting a solid ride. As standard this beast comes with 110mm Alloy Wheels which come with a lifetime warranty against de-hubbing! One of our favourite features about the Stealth 3 is its ability to handle 125mm wheels making it perfect for all those riders that prefer a bigger wheel.

To put it in its most basic terms; this is a £350 scooter for less than £200!

Skill: Advanced/Intermediate
Age: 10+
Wheels: 110mm (fits 125mm)
Headset: Integrated
Compression: SCS


7. Sacrifice AK 110 – £249.95 Buy Here

The Sacrifice AK 110 is dope! One of the most popular scooter decks is now available as a complete for 2015! The infamously popular deck is super light and super strong and will handle everything you can through at it. If your lucky you will be able to get your hand on one before they sell out. The AK 110 is also available as a Neo Chrome complete which is super super sick but also very limited edition. 

Skill: Advanced
Age: 10+
Wheels: 110mm
Headset: Integrated
Compression: SCS


8. MADD Gear x Marvel Comics – £89.95 Buy Here

One of the coolest collaborations to ever come out of the scooter industry, the MADD Gear x Marvel Scooters. Avalibel in 5 different colour ways (Thour, Iron Man, Hulk, SpiderMan and Captain America) you are sure to find one scooter that will fit your style. This scooter comes kitted out with some of the specs you would expect to find on higher end scooters. 100mm Alloy Wheels (worth £25 each), IHC Compression to stop bar wobble, slightly smaller bars for younger riders and a composite brake to prevent flat spots on wheels.

Skill: Beginner
Age: 5+
Wheels: 100mm Alloy Core
Headset: Semi Integrated Sealed
Compression: IHC


9. Sacrifice OG Hustler – £129.95 Buy Here

The OG Hustler sets a new benchmark in affordable performance scooters. With a fully sealed headset and a revamped IHC compression it’s a serious solid ride. You can be sure that the OG Hustler will stay dialed for miles. If you are looking for the perfect starting scooter for your kids then look now further. Featuring 3 colours (Camo, Blue and Red) This will be guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate
Age: 5+
Wheels: 100mm Alloy Core
Headset: Semi Integrated Sealed
Compression: IHC


10. AO Disciple – £99.99 Buy Here

AO’s newest and smallest scooter has just arrived! This scooter features the strongest compression system; HIC. Not only this but it comes as standard with 100mm Alloy Wheels which come with a lifetime warranty (against de-hubbing)  Did we mention that the Disciple can also fit 110mm wheels as well! This scooter has been perfectly designed for riders aged 12 and below. It features a smaller, shorter deck with bars to match. If you want a scooter for using out and about as well as the skatepark then this is for you and its available in 4 awesome colours Black, Green, Blue and Chrome.

Skill: Beginner
Age: 5+
Wheels: 100mm Alloy Core (fits 110mm)
Headset: Semi Integrated Sealed
Compression: HIC

Video: SCS Scooter Compression Tutorial

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The world of scooter compression systems can be a very confusing world if you don’t know what your doing. You can end up buying the wrong parts or a mixture of incompatible parts. We decided to put together a video series explaining the different types of scooter compressions to help you better understand how to build and maintain your dream scooter.

SCS Scooter Compression. Standard Compression System

In this video we explain what is an SCS compression system (Standard Compression System). This is one of the most popular types of compression systems by our local riders and for good reason, it is seen as one of the more secure systems and opens up a huge range of customisation options.

One of the main things you must be aware of when buying your SCS is that you will need bars without a slit in them, or if your bars do have a slit in them then you will need to cut it off the bottom of the bars. Rampworx offers a FREE bar modification service when purchasing parts from our shop. Traditional your SCS clamp will be taller than a traditional collar clamp, this means that the height of your bars will not be effected if you must trim the bottom off them off.

SCS Clamp top view

SCS systems will also in some cases require some headset spacers. The headset spacers raise up the SCS camp to allow the forks to fit just bellow the inner ledge in your SCS clamp. Once your forks are just below this ledge you can fit in the top cap and screw it into the forks which will hold your compression system together. Remember to not over tighten the top cap as it will not spin!

You can buy everything you need for your SCS scooter compression system here: http://rampworxshop.com

Buyers Guide: Top 5 Reasons you need an MGP MFX Deck

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MGP MFX Deck Chrome

The NEW Limited Edition MFX Deck‘s from MGP have just landed in the Rampworx Shop so we thought we would give you our two cents on why these decks are on everyones wish list.

Ryan Williams MFX Deck

1. The MFX Deck has been tested by one of the best rider on the planet for over two years before production.

Now, there is not a much better seal of approval than having Ryan Williams throwing one of these MFX decks over a mega ramp day in day out on a world tour with Nitro Circus. If it can handle the demands of R Willys insane level of riding and 100 ft disaster gaps on a daily basis then you can be sure it can take whatever you can throw at it at your local spot and then some.

MFX Deck Chrome

2. It’s the prefect width for street or park riding.

The MFX Deck ticks all the boxes in this area, no matter if your a street head and only hit up ledges and rails or if you prefer to bust out a flair at your local skatepark the MFX is built for it all. The super wide flat bottom available in two sizes 4.5″ and 4.8″ and comes in 21″ long which makes it perfect for locking into boardslides and lipslides. It also comes with boxed edges making those fingerwhips and grinds easier than ever before. The wide deck also ensures your feet have maximum room when grinding  and with a nice subtle 3mm concave throughout the deck for extra grip and comfort. This is also a huge plus when you come to landing air tricks as your landing area just got that little bit bigger.

MFX Deck Bottom

3. It’s super light and strong!

The tricky part when it comes to making a deck is finding the perfect balance between strength and weight. Too light and it bends and cracks and too heavy and it’s not rideable. With MGPs extrusion technology they have managed to get the MFX Deck weight to just 1.8Kgs! The MFX deck has shaved off all that extra weight found in traditional older decks but without compromising on the strength and reliability that MGP has become famous for. All the stress points in the deck have been reinforced to give you a guaranteed solid ride and it even comes with a new Scalloped 3D Forged 84 degree DownTube!

MFX Deck Chrome

4. It’s worth way more then £100!

Now some people think £100 for a deck is expensive, but for the amount of quality you are buying you can be sure it’s money well spent. The only reason the MADD scientist behind the MFX deck are able to make this deck so cheap is because of MGP’s extensive production and distribution network. If some other companies where to release a scooter deck with this much research, development and new technology (not to mention years of testing) It would cost twice the price! In our humble opinion this deck is worth closer to the £160-£200 mark. The MFX is great value for money at just £100!


5. It’s super Limited Edition!

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be riding the same scooter as every other guy in the skatepark. The MFX deck is super limited edition, so make sure you grab one before they are all gone!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your MFX deck here and hit up the skatepark.

Bonus reason

You get 2 free sessions to Rampworx Skatepark worth £15 when you buy a MFX Deck here!

NEW Rampworx Snapback Caps in stock!

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Rampworx Snapback Caps

We just received a fresh new delivery of our infamous Snapback caps! You can pick one up online or instore now for just £15!! Available in 5 awesome colourways. Red/White, Purple/Teal, Blue/Grey, Grey/Burgundy, Teal, Purple.

We want to see you guys rocking your Rampworx Snapbacks, tag us in your pics using #rampworxhat and we will post the best pics on our site!

Make sure you buy one before they’re all gone again!!

Buyers Guide: Top 10 Stunt Scooters this Christmas

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Every year at Rampworx we sell a bunch of Stunt Scooters around Christmas time. We serve everyone from customers that have never purchased a scooter before to some of the most experienced riders fine tuning there Scooters with the latest accessories. As you can imagine we get asked a lot of questions and sent lots of emails about what scooter to buy. So we have decided to put together this buyers guide to help you pick the correct Scooter this Christmas.


1. Alpha Omega Epsilon £170

Alpha Omega have been killing it on the scooter scene recently. They have some of the most technical street riders on the planet on their team and all of the AO products are most certainly up for the task. From decks to Scooter Locks everything these guys make is first class. The Lambda has taken the Scooter scene by storm this Christmas, stock is very limited on this model so don’t hold off if you are thinking of getting one. As soon as this scooter lands in our warehouse it goes straight back out. Available in Red, Black and Silver.

Grit Elite 3


2. Grit Elite 3 £119

The Grit Elite 3 is one of the best Scooters on the market below £150. This scooter is perfect for intermediate riders and has all the specs you would expect to see on any £200 scooter. The Grit Elite 3 comes in a variety of colours and is fully equipped with an Integrated headset, Alloy Wheels and Overside Bars! All for the unbelievable price of £119.99! This scooter is flying off the shelves so make sure you grab the colour you want before it’s gone, we wont be getting anymore in before Christmas!



3. MGP VX3 Team Edition £139.99

MADD Gear’s most popular scooter is back! The MGP Team Edition series has been the most popular of all of the MGP models again this Christmas. The VX3 model is an updated version of its predecessor the VX2. MGP Scooters are very appealing to the younger riders and those that like detailed designs on their scooter, every inch of the MGP Vx3 Team Edition has amazing artwork on it to complement its updated colour ways. The team edition features MGP patented “Shock Tape” system which is a padded Grip Tape on the deck, this prevents the user from getting bruised heels when performing jumps and tricks. It also comes with 100mm Alloy Wheels which are sure to last you a long time.


 4. Crisp Evolution SCS £199

Crisp make some of the nicest looking Stunt Scooters in the industry. When you stand on the Crisp Evolution Scooters you can feel how well made it is. When we got hold of the Crisp Evolution we couldn’t believe that they where only £199, the build quality on these bad boys is amazing and it has the specs to compliment it! All of the parts on the Evolution scream quality, from the perfect width and height of the bars to the milled out details in the deck. This scooter is a must for the more advanced rider who wants that little extra bit of quality from his scooter. Perfect for the more advanced scooter rider that doesn’t want to break the bank.

Blazer Pro Ambush

5.Blazer Pro Ambush £189

Blazer Pro went back to the drawing boards with this one, they spent a lot of time researching and developing what turned out to be the Blazer Pro Ambush. We got a cheeky sneak peak of the prototype of this scooter before it came out and have been hyped on it ever since. If you are a person that likes little details then this scooter is for you. Blazer have put such a high level of finishing on this scooter it’s crazy, from the matte neon paint (which we love) to the deck inserts this scooter is just awesome! For the price point you will struggle to get anything else built to the same quality.

SLAMM Urban Diablo

6. SLAMM Urban £75

The SLAMM Urban is by far the most popular entry level scooter on the market. As soon as these scooters land in our warehouse they go straight back out the door. The SLAMM Urban is perfect for anyone that is thinking about getting there first Stunt Scooter and makes a perfect Christmas Present. The SLAMM Urban comes in a bunch if different colours so you are sure to find one that matches your style!


7. MGP Nitro Extreme £249

MGP Nitro Extreme is a very popular scooter with the younger riders that want the best of the best in the MGP line. As you would expect this scooter comes with all the bells and whistles that are sure to keep even the most picky of scooter riders content. The deck is one of our favourite features of this scooter, very solid build as always from MGP in a perfect 4.5 inch wide deck giving the rider that little bit extra space. Keeping up with the MGP style the Nitro features some amazing lasered on graphics to make sure they will not ware away anytime soon. Available in a big variety of colours you are sure that you can find the one you want.


8. SLAMM Mischief £99

SLAMM went one step further when designing the Mischief model. This is the big brother of the SLAMM Urban scooter, it has bumped up the specs across the board in the model. Again you can pick up one of these scooters in a bunch of different colours and designs and they all have the same great features! This is the perfect scooter for those riders looking for something a little bit more than your Stunt Scooter at a very reasonable price.


9. Crisp Ultima 125 £189

The Crisp Ultima 125 is one of the best scooters you can get your hands on for under £200. This scooter is something special, as the name suggest it has 125mm wheels!!!! Everything on this scooter is HUGE! You will never have to worry about gaining speed on your scooter ever again with this bad boy. If you are a rider that loves quality, big bars and speed this one is for you. There are scooters out there for £300+ that do not meet the quality of this scooter. Everything is perfect for a fast ride on this scooter you will not need to customise a single thing.


10. Grit Extremist £64.99

This entry level model from Grit is perfect for the younger riders that want a Stunt Scooter. The Grit Extremist is a smaller scooter at a great price point. If you have a young child that desperately wants a real Stunt Scooter and not one of those fold down Argos jobs, you have found your Scooter. With fixed handle bars and the same look and style as the more expensive Grit Scooters

Now hopefully you have a better understanding of which Stunt Scooter to pick up this Christmas. If you are still uncertain about which scooter to buy, why not check out our Online Shop or pop in store and speak to one of our experts.

10 Reasons to Buy Jenna Downings Razor Pro Skate!

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Arguably one of the most deserved pro skates to ever come out, the Razors Jenna Downing Pro SL Skate is an amazing symbol of success and achievement for Jenna. Over the course of her skating career Jenna has won just about every major competition there has been, from X-Games medals to World Championship titles, she has won it all. One of Jenna’s biggest supporters throughout her skating career has been Razor Skates, who decided to reward Jenna for all her hard work and commitment to the sport by giving Jenna her own pro skate.


1. Jenna Downing is donating ALL her profits to Breast Cancer Research!

During the process of designing the skate, Jenna suffered from a Breast Cancer scare and decided that she wanted to draw awareness to the dangers of Breast Cancer that affect women across the world. This has been symbolised by having a pink ribbon on the side of the skate. However, Jenna didn’t want to stop there as she has agreed to donate 100% of the profit she would make from this skate to Breast Cancer Care to help support their continued research.


2. It’s a White skate!

Now if you have ever skated you understand that feeling of putting on a fresh, clean pair of skates. There is something magical about it, you just can’t beat it. And let’s be real, you can’t get any cleaner than an all White Razors SL Boot! Don’t worry about getting them dirty, grab a bottle of White Spirit and wipe away the dirt and boom, fresh as the day you got them!


3. It has a sick JD design on the back of the cuff!

Now you can rep all things JD whilst you skate! Rep one of the best blading legends to come out of the UK in style. Jenna Downing has won more contests and achieved more in the sport than most people could dream of World Championships, Video Games, Music Videos the lot. Support one of the best skaters out there in style.


3. Replaceable parts are easy to get!

We have all been there, mid session and you here that dreaded “pop” or “snap”. Something has blown on your skates, sad times. Luckily Razors know that you guys and girls skate hard and have made some of the easiest to replace parts on the market and they are available from all good skate shops!


4. It comes fully loaded with her Pro Wheel and fast bearing’s!

Jenna’s Skate even comes fully equipped with her own Razors Pro Wheel which is moulded on her favourite urethane mix and dimensions.

The wheel sits at 57MM wide with a durability of 88A made from the highest quality black urethane to give you that perfect ride whether your’e skating park or street. The wheels come fully loaded with Titen ABEC 9 Bearings, a super fast bearing to help you get up those ramps and get the speed you need. And even the bearings are purple to colour coordinate with the skate!

Letting wheels settle after they have been poured is an important part of the wheel making process and we made sure to let these wheels cure for a long enough time to make sure you have an enjoyable skate with no unexpected surprises.

Jenna Downing Pro Skate Hold

5. It is a super Limited Edition Skate!

This is the first pro skate from a female pro skater in over 10 years! Razors have produced a limited amount of this skate so you will only be able to get your hands on it whilst stock lasts. Make sure you grab a pair before they are all gone!


6. She a Rampworx local, so she obviously has good taste!

Jenna Downing opened the very first skatepark we ever had, all those years ago. She has been coming to Rampworx since day one to practice and train to become the best she could be. And she has now received the very highest achievement in our sport, a pro skate.

iChat Image(kdM)

8. She was in a video game!

Come on! How cool is that!! She was in Jon Julio’s PS2 “Rolling” video game, which had it’s very own Rampworx Level! So you could skate as Jenna Downing in Rampworx! crazy…


9. She visits school’s every day to get kids into action sports!

Every sport is nothing without new users coming into it. Jenna has been on a mission for the last few years to get young people on skates and into skateparks! This is a great for the sport and gives young people the chance to experience a sport that they would not normally have the opportunity to practice.


10. You can get 10% off the skates at Rampworxshop.com and 4 FREE Sessions to use at the skatepark!!

Everyone loves a good deal, so we have decided to hook you all up with a 10% discount off the skates when you buy them from Rampworxshop.com. All you need to do is type in “MONEYOFF10” at checkout and you will get 10% off the skates (£20). Not only that but we will give you 4 FREE SESSIONS to come and ride at Rampworx absolutely FREE!! What are you waiting for, go grab yourself a pair whilst stocks last.

XMAS Club 2013

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Rampworx XMAS Club

At Rampworx we understand that Santa has a hard time at Christmas finding the money to buy everything to make the kids happy. So Rampworx is bringing back it’s very popular XMAS Club.

The XMAS Club is very simple, find the product you want and you can come into one of our stores and pay it off little by little. The only requirement we have is that you must pay 50% off the balance in the first 30 days, then you have until December 24th to pay off the remainder of your balance! Simples.

Check out our fully stocked online shop to find the perfect gift for this Christmas.

NEW Rampworx Snapbacks have landed!

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We have just had a fresh shipment of Rampworx Headwear land at the skatepark. A whole new bunch of colours, designs and styles for you guys to get your hands on are now available in the skatepark, shops and to buy online here.


A Rampworx Five Panel Cap has also been introduced into this Summer line of caps, this cap has been designed for those people who want a more stealthily, simple looking cap with an adjustable strap with plastic clip on the rear.


The peak of the caps has been completely redesigned from the ground up. We have changed it to be slightly shorter and more square to give the caps a modern look and style.

Fix it Service Centre

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Fix it Service-Center-Poster

All of out Rampworx Shops offer a “Fix it” service, do you have an old bike that needs a little bit of TLC or that old skateboard that needs a new set of bearings and wheels? Bring it down to our shop and we will have a look at it for you. We can fix pretty much anything with wheels.

Simply bring your bike down to one of our shops and book it in for a service with a member of staff and we will get it back into tip top shape for you in no time. What are you waiting for? Get into that shed and get out on your bike again, it’s summer!