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New All Day Weekday Price £7.50!

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Our ALL Day entry charge has been slashed in half to just £7.50 to ride ALL DAY Monday-Friday!!!

Since day one we have always wanted to offer our riders the best facility we can for as cheap as possible.

Rampworx Skatepark has been around since 1997 thanks to the continued support of you, the riders and we understand that times are hard for everyone and money is tighter than ever for a lot of our customers. We know this, because you tell us and we listen! We have always prided ourselves on having one of the cheapest skateparks and biggest skateparks in the country.

To run a facility the size of Rampworx costs a huge amount of money and despite our increased running costs (insurance/lighting/new builds/rates etc etc) year on year we have decided that we are going to reduce the amount you guys have to pay to use the skateparkto help grow the sports we all love!

We introduced a £20 Unlimited Week Pass (£3.33 a day) to help out our local riders a few weeks ago, but we understand that £20 is not as easy to come across for everyone. So the next best thing we can offer you guys is more ride time for less money!!

From today 28/4/2014 you will now be able to ride Rampworx ALL DAY (4-10pm) during the week for just £7.50*!!! Thats just £1 more than a normal session!!

So, what are you waiting for? Call your mates and arrange a trip to the UK’s biggest and cheapest skatepark! Why pay more for less?

*This does not include event days Holiday Times or special events please check our opening hours before making your journey.


10 Reasons to Buy Jenna Downings Razor Pro Skate!

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Arguably one of the most deserved pro skates to ever come out, the Razors Jenna Downing Pro SL Skate is an amazing symbol of success and achievement for Jenna. Over the course of her skating career Jenna has won just about every major competition there has been, from X-Games medals to World Championship titles, she has won it all. One of Jenna’s biggest supporters throughout her skating career has been Razor Skates, who decided to reward Jenna for all her hard work and commitment to the sport by giving Jenna her own pro skate.


1. Jenna Downing is donating ALL her profits to Breast Cancer Research!

During the process of designing the skate, Jenna suffered from a Breast Cancer scare and decided that she wanted to draw awareness to the dangers of Breast Cancer that affect women across the world. This has been symbolised by having a pink ribbon on the side of the skate. However, Jenna didn’t want to stop there as she has agreed to donate 100% of the profit she would make from this skate to Breast Cancer Care to help support their continued research.


2. It’s a White skate!

Now if you have ever skated you understand that feeling of putting on a fresh, clean pair of skates. There is something magical about it, you just can’t beat it. And let’s be real, you can’t get any cleaner than an all White Razors SL Boot! Don’t worry about getting them dirty, grab a bottle of White Spirit and wipe away the dirt and boom, fresh as the day you got them!


3. It has a sick JD design on the back of the cuff!

Now you can rep all things JD whilst you skate! Rep one of the best blading legends to come out of the UK in style. Jenna Downing has won more contests and achieved more in the sport than most people could dream of World Championships, Video Games, Music Videos the lot. Support one of the best skaters out there in style.


3. Replaceable parts are easy to get!

We have all been there, mid session and you here that dreaded “pop” or “snap”. Something has blown on your skates, sad times. Luckily Razors know that you guys and girls skate hard and have made some of the easiest to replace parts on the market and they are available from all good skate shops!


4. It comes fully loaded with her Pro Wheel and fast bearing’s!

Jenna’s Skate even comes fully equipped with her own Razors Pro Wheel which is moulded on her favourite urethane mix and dimensions.

The wheel sits at 57MM wide with a durability of 88A made from the highest quality black urethane to give you that perfect ride whether your’e skating park or street. The wheels come fully loaded with Titen ABEC 9 Bearings, a super fast bearing to help you get up those ramps and get the speed you need. And even the bearings are purple to colour coordinate with the skate!

Letting wheels settle after they have been poured is an important part of the wheel making process and we made sure to let these wheels cure for a long enough time to make sure you have an enjoyable skate with no unexpected surprises.

Jenna Downing Pro Skate Hold

5. It is a super Limited Edition Skate!

This is the first pro skate from a female pro skater in over 10 years! Razors have produced a limited amount of this skate so you will only be able to get your hands on it whilst stock lasts. Make sure you grab a pair before they are all gone!


6. She a Rampworx local, so she obviously has good taste!

Jenna Downing opened the very first skatepark we ever had, all those years ago. She has been coming to Rampworx since day one to practice and train to become the best she could be. And she has now received the very highest achievement in our sport, a pro skate.

iChat Image(kdM)

8. She was in a video game!

Come on! How cool is that!! She was in Jon Julio’s PS2 “Rolling” video game, which had it’s very own Rampworx Level! So you could skate as Jenna Downing in Rampworx! crazy…


9. She visits school’s every day to get kids into action sports!

Every sport is nothing without new users coming into it. Jenna has been on a mission for the last few years to get young people on skates and into skateparks! This is a great for the sport and gives young people the chance to experience a sport that they would not normally have the opportunity to practice.


10. You can get 10% off the skates at Rampworxshop.com and 4 FREE Sessions to use at the skatepark!!

Everyone loves a good deal, so we have decided to hook you all up with a 10% discount off the skates when you buy them from Rampworxshop.com. All you need to do is type in “MONEYOFF10” at checkout and you will get 10% off the skates (£20). Not only that but we will give you 4 FREE SESSIONS to come and ride at Rampworx absolutely FREE!! What are you waiting for, go grab yourself a pair whilst stocks last.

Bleach Magazine

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You may have already heard about Bleach, and if you haven’t yet then be sure to check them out! These guys are bringing a fresh new magazine to the extreme sports industry.

Coving all your favourites, BMX, inline, skateboarding and loads of other crazy sh*t.  Sick stuff like, Freestyle skiing, wakeboarding, rock climbing and loads more!

Issue 1 featured inline hero Alex Burston for the first ever spotlight and we they have plenty more big names lined up for future issues. Download it here!

The guys at Bleach are reaching out to the community inviting people to get involved, writing, doing photography anything you like! Giving everyone a chance to be apart of it, making this new mag a real collective!

Running features such as youngers for kids who have been getting there names out there and showing some serious passion in what they’re doing a chance to be in a magazine along with the pros. The guys are always on the look out for the next youngers candidates.

The magazine also covers music, art, tattoos and mooovies! So make sure you pick one put next time your at the skatepark! Check them out on facebook and if you want to work with Bleach get in touch!

Issue 2 will be out very soon so keep your eyes peeled!



DKH Legacy Trust: Get on Track Wigan

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The DKH Legacy Trust is a fantastic charity that we have worked with in the past to help engage young people in sport, founded by Olympian and multiple olympic Gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes. DKH runs a dynamic programme called “Get on Track” which is  one of the best that we have worked with! Young people get to learn key skills and progress with their own personal development from World Class Athletes, such as Jenna Downing (Female Inline Skating World Champion) and Neil Danns (European and British Skatebaording Champion). Read More

Blunt scooter team visit Rampworx on Monday

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Monday 20th May the Blunt Scooter team graces Rampworx with a visit to one of our Scooter ONLY sessions. This is an ideal time to visit the UK’s biggest indoor Skatepark to see your favourite pro riders from one of the biggest and best teams in the world.

The Blunt Pro team have some of the best and most influential riders within the Scooter industry riders such as; Max Peters, Keenan Mehmet, Flavio Pesenti, Warick Beynon,  Jake Clark, and Brendon Smith this Pro team are notorious for constantly pushing the great sport to new and never seen before heights.
Read More

Clip of the week: Jack Deevey

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This weeks clip of the week goes to Jack Deevey who is a 14 year old Scooter rider with a Tripple Whip up the Step-Up. Jack is always at our Scooter Only Session (http://rampworx.com/events/) shredding the park, keep an eye out for this guy.

Our next Scooter Only Session is on May 6th, buy tickets HERE! Read More