About The Charity

Established in 1997, Rampworx is a registered children’s charity that works with 1000 young people each week through a range of developmental activities and sports, BMX, Inline Skating and Skateboarding all under one roof.

Rampworx has grown exponentially since its inception in 1997. In particular, since 2003 the project has witnessed its attendance figures increase by 35%. Fashion, music and the upsurge in multimedia technology (digital photography and filming) means that the sports and lifestyles that we cater for are very popular amongst young people.

Culturally, the majority of young people who come to our park are considered to be in a minority by the music that they listen to, the sports they participate in and the way that they dress. This can prevent them from engaging with other young people, as they feel intimidated. Our current diversionary projects for young people, particularly those at risk include video arts, photography, healthy eating and street dance. Our goal is to break down these barriers and provide access to other youth projects.

Rampworx Outreach

Operate on a basis of a minimum of 350 openings per year a facility of at least 55,000 square feet, which provides a range of structured activities and programmes.

Provide services and activities that develop young people – as athletes, individuals and members of society by specialist coaching, access to physical recreation space and the delivery of programmes to promote mental and physical well-being
Proactively seek partnerships with young people, agencies and funders that advance the development of the facility and the services within it.

Create new and tailored programmes to address problems arising from anti-social behaviour, crime, obesity, poor educational attainment and economic disadvantage.

To develop talented and current World Class athletes through support and partnerships with relevant affiliates.

Rampworx aims to provide a range of safe and secure facilities for young people, aged 5 and upwards, to partake in a variety of activities; including extreme wheeled sports alongside activities that enable personal development and growth. To address socio-economic problems in the locality targeting young people at risk of social exclusion and/or disadvantaged.

  • Improving the health and well being; including confidence and self esteem of our users
  • Improving aspirations through signposting and educational programmes
  • Enhanced personal development and new skills.
  • Develop new and existing friendships, improve self esteem and offer structured provision
  • Offer relevant and fun programmes of activity; including video arts, photography, design,
  • Offer a safe, structured environment for young people to enjoy a range of sporting and non-sporting activities
  • Promote inclusion and accessibility to our project
  • Promote citizenship and improved social capital within the local area
  • Provide opportunities and pathways to training and volunteering; including accredited courses and links with partner organisations
  • Act as a conduit to professional agencies

Personal development
A range of structured educational programmes around sexual health, mental health drug and alcohol awareness and teenage pregnancy. The programmes link in with other agency criteria, such as South Sefton PCT, Merseyside Police, ISIS, Liverpool DAAT and CALM.

Sports Provision
Rampworx is the largest indoor skatepark in the UK catering for BMX, In Line skating (Rollerblading) and Skateboard.

Beginner Only Sessions
Rampworx offers a programme of beginners lessons for each sport. These are discounted and designed to encourage local disadvantaged young people to get involved in the sports and activities that we cater for.

Girls Only Sessions
Rampworx hosts weekly girl only sessions designed to encourage more females into the sports that we cater for. Resident coach and World Number 1 female In Line Rollerblader has helped promote and support the project through variety of clinics, workshops and ladies only events.

After school clubs
Rampworx is open straight after school every weekday between Tuesday and Friday allowing young people to utilise our facilities and a range of projects on offer as part of our diversionary activities programme designed to reduce crime and anti social behavior in the local area. For the last 6 months we have worked with Unlimited who have assisted us with offering term time discounted coaching to attract more local young people to our facility.

Rampworx hosts a series of national and international events throughout the year for each of the 3 sports that we cater for. Athletes from across the globe gather at Rampworx prestigious events, such as Slam Jam, Dub Jam, Halloween All Nighter and the Chaz Sands Invitational which attract huge crowds and media interest.

1-2-FREE Scheme
If a young person comes to Rampworx twice in a week, they the get the third session free, or a weekend for half price. During the winter and summer school holidays we offer a 2 for 1 all day pass to encourage more young people to use the facility at a heavily subsidised rate.

Coaching and Coaching Programme
Rampworx professional coaches offer structured learning programmes for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Whether never ridden before or looking to improve skills and tricks, our friendly coaches are on hand to help and offer their expertise. We offer quality coaching in each of our 3 associated sports (skateboarding, BMXing and Inline skating) with one to one tuition, group sessions and outreach projects all available. To assist disadvantaged and new users, all apparatus and safety equipment is provided with our coaching programmes. In the last 12 months we have worked closely with Unlimited to offer young people discounted coaching. These 8 week programmes allows local young people to access regular structured coaching. During this period over 800 young people have participated in the programme.

Summer and Winter Clinics
Since 2004, Rampworx has hosted a series of summer clinics for the 3 sports that we cater for. During this time, we have had a number of World Class international athletes coaching our young people. Local young people who have never, or are just starting to learn are invited for coaching for free over 3 days. Packed lunches are provided and each child is issued with a certificate, medal and t shirt at the end of the clinic. This is an excellent opportunity for local, disadvantaged young people to develop their skills and make new friends in their sport.

National and International Events
We host major national and international events for all 3 disciplines throughout the year. This allows us to improve our profile and attract further revenue costs to help sustain our project. During the average year we host 10 massive events; including the Chaz Sand Invitational, Slam Jam, Dub Jam, BMX All nighters and our annual Christmas Jam. These events attracted, on average 500 young people to them.

  • Graffiti Art
  • FIlm and photography
  • Street dance
  • Health based projects – healthy eating, drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health.
  • Design and fashion
  • Music and dance

Alternative activities
Not only is Rampworx a superb extreme sports facility it also offers an exciting range of alternative personal development projects that attempt to stimulate and engage with young people. Programmes on offer include sports coaching packages and female only sports events as well as projects in drama, music, photography, and video art. In addition, lifestyle projects (with the help of relevant outside agencies) are available and challenge issues such as diet, sexual health, drugs, alcohol, gun and knife crime and anti-social behaviour.

Volunteering & Development
Rampworx has a strong volunteer programme designed to encourage young people and adults to work within out project. The goal is to give volunteers a positive, hans on experience which we hope will stand them in good stead for employment. Rampworx also works closely with a range of schools, FE and HE colleges to offer. There are plenty of opportunities available; including coaching, mentoring, retail, design, events and administration.

Youth Work
We work closely with Sefton Youth Service and a range of other partners who engage with vulnerable young people at risk of exclusion from school, or engaging in anti-social behaviour. The skatepark utilises its sports and coaching programmes to engage young people in positive activities within a structured learning programme.


Rampworx has experienced reasonable success in recent years and this has been reflected in the number of nominations and awards it has been nominated for.

Ride UK Reader Awards – Skatepark of the year – 2013 & 2015

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Ride Uk Reader Awards

Skatepark of the year – 2013 & 2015

Rampworx was voted skatepark of the year by the readers of Ride UK Magazine. This is a very prestigious award for a skatepark to win and we are extremely grateful for all of your votes. This is also the second skatepark of the year award Rampworx won in 2013.

Active Club Award – 2010

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Active Club Award – 2010

In 2010, Rampworx successfully acquired Active Club Award status. The Active Club Award is an Accreditation Scheme designed to ensure that clubs and groups meet standards that will lead to better quality provision.  Rampworx was required to go through an auditing process that will need them to provide evidence that the club has systems in place covering key areas of provision such as;

  • Coaching and competition (Coaching qualifications, insurance, competitions programme)
  • The protection and safety of children, young people, the elderly and vulnerable.(Child Protection policy, CRB checks, Code of Conduct)
    Sports equity and ethics – (Equal Opps policy, Codes of Conduct for parents etc., set of rules for children)
  • Club Management – (Affiliated to Governing Body, Membership policy, Communication with parents/carers, school/club links
  • Volunteer Management – (Volunteer Co-ordinator, volunteer roles, CRB checks, Volunteer mentors)

This accreditation will provide carers and parents with the knowledge that the clubs and groups are committed to providing a safe experience for youngsters.  It will also provide schools and colleges with the confidence to promote clubs and groups to their pupils and students.  Finally the scheme will put in place an internal auditing system within the club or group to ensure that standards are maintained into the future. (The Scheme will be vetted by Sefton Education).

Merseyside Young Persons Project of the Year – 2009

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Merseyside Young Persons Project of the Year – 2009

In 2009 Rampworx won the Merseyside young persons project of the year award for the work it had done with the young people who attended the project.

Social Enterprise Network Growth Award – 2012

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Social Enterprise Network Growth Award – 2012

Rampworx is pleased to report that it was nominated and, subsequently won the Merseyside Social Enterprise of the Year Award. This is a prestigious award that recognises organisations like ours who provide a good service to its users in the area. It is thanks to the dedication and the hard work of the whole Rampworx team that we managed to win this Award. Most of all its you guys who come through our doors week in and week out and keep our skatepark open.

Skatepark of the Year – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

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Skatepark of the Year – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

Rampworx was awarded skatepark of the year 3 years running between 2009 and 2011. This is a proud achievement for the facility as it is judged by people within the industry. Its getting more and more competitive as other skateparks up their game and offer better quality services. Therefore, we will keep working hard to offer you the best facilities available; in particular our new extension, which will make us officially the largest skatepark in Europe.

Merseyside Young Transformer Award Runner Up – 2008

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Merseyside Young Transformer Award Runner Up – 2008

In 2008, Rampworx was nominated as 1 of 4 finalists who had made a significant contribution to the lives of the young people who attended their project. Not everyone can be a winner, but as a runner up we are proud that our work was recognised by our peers and significant youth organisations in Merseyside.

Donate to Rampworx Skatepark

Each year, Rampworx helps over 1000 young people to access a range of FREE projects around sport, health, obesity, sexual health, bullying, crime and anti social behavior and racism.

Our goal is to help as many young people aged 5 to adulthood enjoy a range of sports, whilst learning valuable life skills and engaging in fun activities, such as photography, dance, music and art projects.

We have over 30 young volunteers helping us to deliver coaching sessions, organise events, mentor young people and help with retail and administration of the facility.

Since 1997, we have helped over 10,000 young people access a whole host of projects that improve their health, well being, self confidence and employment opportunities.

Fact : It costs Rampworx over £3500 per week to remain open. Every penny we raise keeps our facility open, helping over 1000 young people per week to enjoy the sports they love in a safe, structured environment.

Your can donate today and help these young people continue to develop, learn and progress.

Please help us to continue to make a difference. Donate below today!


The Rampworx Patrons Society was established in 2010 to help provide a regular source of income towards the running costs of our children’s charity. This could be an excellent source of income and support for the Centre, which requires £350,000 each year to sustain the project.

The Patron Society money is put to good use helping young people who can really benefit from the centre. There is no doubt that for many members, the centre is a lifeline.


Rampworx is a registered charity and without the support of a whole host of supporters and sponsors the project would not exist. We would like to thank the following supporters of our project who have helped us over the last few years.

You can get involved in helping us raise important revenue as a means of sustaining the project that attracts over 1300 young people a week. Alternatively, your business or organisation could benefit from advertising, or promoting your product or service to a huge weekly audience. For anyone wanting to get involved, or support the Rampworx project please visit our contact page.



Rampworx has a variety of exciting volunteer opportunities available for young people who wish to gain valuable experience in a dynamic working environment.

Involvement could include help to support our project, or for young people to use our project as a starting point to volunteer with an agency within the local community. Some volunteering opportunities could include the following; Accountacy and Book Keeping, Admin Work, Research & Development, Events, Marketing, Ramp Build & Maintenance, Other Opportunities.

Personal Development Projects

Rampworx offers young people a range of personal development projects, such as drug and alcohol awareness, crime awareness and reduction, sexual health awareness and healthy eating schemes. Currently, we work with a host of partners, such as Sefton NHS, Merseyside Police and Sefton Youth Service to offer sessional work to help develop our young people. We are also applying for funding to get our own full time youth worker to offer a more consistent programme of work.


You can get involved in helping us raise important revenue as a means of sustaining the project that attracts over 1300 young people a week. Alternatively, your business or organisation could benefit from advertising, or promoting your product or service to a huge weekly audience. Please contact us for full details.


Rampworx has a range of portable equipment and ramps to allow us to deliver coaching sessions at your school, skatepark or event. If you are, also involved in a local outdoor skatepark, or have access to one we can deliver a variety of demonstrations, coaching schemes, or events days, which can be designed by you and your young people! Please view our Outreach section for full details.

Talks and consultation

Rampworx can deliver a range of introductory talks and information about the projects that we deliver. If you would like a greater, in depth look introduction to Rampworx we can visit your premises and provide you with a DVD, PowerPoint presentation about some of the work that we can do with your group.

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