Your first visit to Rampworx

Great! Your coming to the skatepark for the first time, now let’s run through some details you will need to know to make sure that you have the best experience possible when you come to our skatepark.

Firstly, you must watch the video above. Our skatepark etiquette video has been designed to give you a quick insight into how to use a skatepark. Skatepark Etiquette is a big deal to people that use our facility, it is all about being aware of other users in the skatepark.

If you have never been to the skatepark before you must become a member, and it’s FREE! All you have to do is fill in the online membership form and you will be issued with a Rampworx Membership Card when you come to the skatepark. This card will allow you access to all sorts of cool offers and events, you can find more information about the Rampworx Membership Card on this page. If you are under 18, you parents or legal guardian must fill this form in.

Now, you need to find the time you want to come and vist the skatepark. If it is your first time, we suggest planning your trip around one of the earlier sessions as they tend to be more quite so you have a better experience. We operate on specific session times which can be found on our Opening Hours page.

Safety Gear

Rampworx takes safety very seriously, especially your safety! We encourage all riders to wear a helmet when using the skatepark. Its also a good idea to bring some knee and elbow pads, especially if you are inexperienced. These will save you when you fall and prevent long term injury that could be fatal! You only have one body, be sure you look after it.

Please note that all Aggressive Skate users and Scooter Riders under 18 must wear helmets by law. The rest of you don’t have to, but we strongly recommend you wear one – it could save your life!

Skatepark Rules

  • Ensure all Equipment (including safety equipment, skates, boards and bikes) is correctly maintained before use.
  • Ensure maximum safety equipment is worn at all times.
  • Riding is not permitted in corridors please use designated areas.
  • When crossing the ramp area ensure you look both ways in order to avoid collision with any other riders.
  • Spectators should use the designated areas provided.
  • Do not sit on safety or grind rails.
  • Ensure all accidents are reported to reception.
  • Do not take food or drinks on to the ramps at any time.

You can see a full list of our Terms and Conditions here.

The minimum age to use the skatepark is 5 years old

Skatepark Etiquette

Its important to know what good and bad skatepark etiquette is before you visit Rampworx. We want everyone to enjoy their time at our skatepark, so please take note of what good and bad skatepark etiquette is. It will help you understand how it works and prevent you from annoying, or potentially injuring other skatepark users. You can read more about Skatepark Etiquette on this page.

Parents guide

Parents and guardians should also come prepared to Rampworx. There are several areas for you to watch your children at Rampworx; including a small parents room available. However you do not have to stay with your child during their visit, we have a very strict door policy in place to make sure all our users are safe during their time at Rampworx.

There is also a cafe where you can get a warm drink and some food. Please note that during the winter months (October – April) we advise that you bring warm clothing as it can get very cold when sat, or stood watching. A big hoody will help keep you warm.