Why do I need to use a helmet?

Extreme sports are dangerous, hence the extreme part of the name. Rampworx takes safety very seriously and we strongly recommend that you wear full protective equipment when using Rampworx Skatepark, (helmet, knee & elbow pads) this is for your own safety and those participating in the sports around you. Pads will save you when you fall and prevent long term injury that could be fatal, especially if you are inexperienced!

Do Rampworx sell helmets?

We stock a wide range of helmets and safety gear in all our shops and the skatepark, you can even check out which ones we have available on our shop website. You can even purchase your items from our online shop and have them waiting at the skatepark for you when you arrive.

Helmets are compulsory for all Aggressive Skaters and Stunt Scooter riders

The Small Print

The reason we make Aggressive Skaters wear helmets at all times is quite simple. You are attached to your skates, so unlike the other Extreme Sports you are not able to throw away your sport equipment if you are falling and land on your feet. Our insurance company strongly agrees with us on this factor, so much so that they wouldn’t offer us insurance without making it compulsory.

Scooter riders must wear a helmet due to the majority of younger scooter riders being inexperienced in skatepark etiquette and performing tricks. This can be very dangers to the user themselves and the people around them. The majority of stunt scooter tricks envolve the scooter being flung around the users head, and if performed incorrectly can result in serious head injuries.