3:15-6:15pm 2nd Session WKD

From: £12.00

5+ Years, all sports. 



We advise and encourage ALL of our users to wear full safety equipment. Our insurance policy states that ALL BLADERS/QUAD/INLINE SKATERS MUST wear a helmet at all times, no matter what age. ALL scooter riders under the age of 16 MUST ALSO wear a helmet. We have our skateshop within the skatepark that stocks a wide range of protection/safety gear, our staff can also provide advise on what to get and assist with sizing. For safety reasons, ALL scooter riders/BMX’ers MUST have bar ends. No bar ends, no ride. This is for your own safety and we have plenty for sale in our skateshop, with our staff on hand to help with fitting. Strictly NO fold down/three wheeled scooters are allowed. This is for safety reasons. Scooters must be fixed and be properly maintained. Our staff will recognise a dangerous piece of equipment and can be of help with any repairs needed to ensure your safety whilst using the skatepark.

Our coaching is ran on a 1 to 1 lesson basis. These lessons must be booked online in advance. All equipment will be provided for your lesson. Birthday parties also come with equipment included.  Whether you are visiting Rampworx for a coaching session or a birthday party, you MUST be registered prior to entry. If you fail to register ahead of time, you will be required to fill out a membership once you arrive, which may take time out of your booking/session!

We have equipment and safety gear available for hire. Any equipment that is given out is completely cleaned and sanitized. Once returned, the equipment will be on a group rotation. The returned equipment will be sanitized and not used for 72 hours. Our equipment is also maintained and safety checked before & after each use by trained professionals.

The following information is subject to change, we will provide updates regularly! If you require any additional information, call us on 0151 530 1500, drop us a message/dm, or email info@rampworx.com.


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