Rampworx Bowl

Rampworx Bowl

The infamous Rampworx bowl is one of the largest bowls in the United Kingdom. The bowl itself is split up into 3 different heights. The smallest part of the bowl is 5ft heigh which is perfect for those of you that are just starting out or fancy a nice chilled session. The middle section of the bowl is 7ft high and is more of the intermediate section of the bowl for those of you that need that little be extra ramp to use. And the final section is 9ft high with 1 foot of vert for all of you guys that want to try get a little air.

Make sure when you are using the bowl to not take too long on your run, be considerate of the other riders around you.

Only one person should use this ramp at a time to avoid any accidents.

Scooter Riders must wear helmets at all times! You can hire helmets at the park.