Rampworx Extension Project

Rampworx has secured a 15,000 square foot extension to our current building in Liverpool. This will boost our skatepark size to 70,000 square feet!! Our new section has been designed by Woodward designer John Saxton. The Rampworx extension is due to open in early 2013 and will feature a massive variety of street obstacles and ramps. If you have any suggestions on ramps or any ideas you would like to see, please leave us a comment below.

Rampworx Skatepark Extension

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87 Responses to Rampworx Extension Project

  1. Jack Williams says:

    Foam pit

  2. Jack wills says:

    Foam Pit

  3. Phil Geraghty says:

    foam pit

  4. james robertzim says:

    foam pit

  5. Iwan Jones says:

    foam pit!

  6. jordan lyon says:

    foam pit

  7. Andy Moore says:

    foam pit & resi!

  8. ritchie says:

    no way will they put a foam pit in

  9. daniel mcqueen says:

    spine and foam pit

  10. Toby says:

    Flow section?

  11. Sam Peters says:

    A Foam pit would pretty cool I guess.
    However it’d be nice to see a half pipe, and some new and interesting flows.

  12. Mrrrrrrr Pink says:

    An up across and down box with a wall ride, a vert wall/ vert quarter, the old volcano ramps, a street section, maybe a half pipe with a bowl corner and some sort of sub box or transfer ie a hip.

  13. scott richards says:

    half of it should be like a sick pool/bowl with loads of turns and gaps the other should be a big street part

  14. Nxsteh says:

    foam pit and rezi!

  15. Liam Bostock says:

    FOAM PIT REZI! A grind box with a kicker at the end 😉

  16. Sarah Murray says:

    Foam pit and rezi!! And a box which is like the death box at ukskate-Average quarter into a mellow rollin.. And or a spin about 6 ft tall no copings and about 1ft wide.

  17. Daniel says:

    A foam pit is a stupid idea. I think it would be good to get something built like a street section for skateboarders that flows really well. Start of with a quarter pipe at one end, then have a few ledges either side of the room so when you are coming from the opposite direction you are able to do a trick on the other ledge which means people won’t constantly be doing tricks on the same ledge which would cause collisions etc.

    Stair set a bit lower than the current 5 set but put a hubba down either side of it.
    Couple of different heights of rails on the flat ground.
    Manny pads.
    Ledge – gap – ledge
    A pole jam.

    It would also be a good idea to have an area on the side at the end for flat ground to practice tricks without having to stand in peoples way which is how it currently is in the park.

    • Erm says:

      Why pay to skate flat ground in a skatepark? Dont get you skaters

    • james robertson says:

      that would be so bad just get a foam pit so liverpool and other places around here can get better if you want to do flat land on a bored just ride the street bit thats allready there

  18. Is it going to be a whole new building or is it just an Extension? Oh and A Foam pit and more rails! p.s Also a place where scooters can only go!

  19. No foam pit. I think a vert ramp and a snake run, but with lots of different routes and ways to do the snake run.

  20. mark kelly says:

    defiantly a FOAM PIT

  21. Josh a says:

    foam pit, resi and death box (jump box)

  22. Brad says:

    A ‘flowy’ section. A snake run kind of thing but so it goes like a full track to prevent people getting in each others way. Flowy stuff is what rampworx really lacks. There isn’t enough little hips and small/low boxes which you can just pump over and go fast. You already have the back bit for skaters, bladers and BMX riders who like street (as well as the driveway). You have the step up and boxes for all the park riders and the spine for everybody really. But you don’t have anything for the people who just like to flow about and have a laugh. Just like 3-4ft high things like the mini spine would be perfect (but boxes, hips and wallrides as well.)
    Dirt jumps would also work well, but would take a lot of maintenance all of the time so they’re out of the question…but yeah, flowy stuff!!!

  23. 5ijdtrjd says:

    a better spine mini ramp

  24. Danny says:

    a Foam pit or a resi box/spine would be so sick!

  25. Is it going to be a whole new building or is it just an Extension? Oh and A Foam pit and more rails! p.s Also a place where scooters can only go!

  26. jay says:

    foam pit, full pipe and more verts

  27. Harry molyneux says:

    Foam pit!!!!

  28. lennox says:

    Foam pit

  29. tom and joe says:

    foam pit

  30. Mark says:

    Foam PIT!!!!!

  31. Josh Adams says:

    FOAM PITTT!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dylan Logsdon says:

    Just make it a street plaza!

  33. Kieran Hoffman says:

    Foam Pit and Resi 🙂

  34. ben gittins says:

    bank to foam pit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. terry price says:

    foam pit

    grind box

    funh box

  36. James Pope says:

    Shallow volcano like in Deeside Skatepark, flat rails, Hubbas, a large variety of combo boxes resi ramp 4 set with a low square rail

  37. James Pope says:

    They won’t do a foam put because you get to much hassle with it and people will not wait for people to get out of the pit so people will get hurt they had one once they won’t do it again you want a foam pit go to Adrenaline Alley in Corby another thing to add would be a ramp to table to ramp this is good because all sports can use it inline scoot BMX and board.

    Add some more flat bank hips like in the current street section as this is good for flow in a skatepark.

  38. James Pope says:

    A snake run down the side would be good.

  39. James Pope says:

    Wedge ramp with a rail on one side and a hubba on the other

  40. Dylan Lowe says:

    bank to foam pit or rezzy and a jump box step up

  41. joe hood says:

    foam pit

  42. chris lamb says:

    i would like a rowlin like the old 1 near the stup up and wave 🙂

  43. willbersorce says:

    foam oit

  44. willberforce says:

    foam pit

  45. matty dinn says:

    needs a camel like deeside proper hips vert wall to jumpbox like transgressions and a mad bowl like unit 23

  46. robertcaddick says:

    loads of rails and ledges with a smaller set with a small down rail and a hip

  47. fred heritage says:

    no bikes too because they take up all of the park and its not fair

  48. Dylan lowe says:

    FOAM PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. shakeyj says:

    foam pit is a great idea:)

  50. scooter only bit and foam pit an a smaller step up

  51. make it a bit like deeside like have a drop in like half of big sal then havehalf a bowl which leedtepup like deeside but dont make the coping stick out loads

  52. make a foam pit and a rezi or a scooter only room as bikers and skateboarders can go in all the time an we only have monday and a bit of tuesday and if you do make it a scooter only room have a step up and mostley boxes and spines and stuff not really street stuff

  53. Manne says:

    stairs and rails

  54. Manne says:

    old school bowl (pool)

  55. THE TRUTH says:


  56. RobertCaddick says:


  57. Rhiannon Davies-McCabe says:

    FOAM PIT and a even bigger wave!!! A a bit for only scooters as well

  58. john says:

    mike schnieder signature ramp, its a fingerboard ramp but i life size version wouldnt go a miss http://flatfacefingerboards.com/webstore/product_images/b/mike_ramp_0__60793.jpg

  59. DYLAN LOWE says:

    foam pit so we can fall with out smashing our bones on wood

  60. YOU KNOW IM RIGHT says:


  61. Charlie Smith says:

    i know this is a bit late… but considering the park already has a huge bowl and an air section i think it should be a street focused area. put grind boxes and rails through the middle on flat and on boxes, a long average size quarter one side and a couple flatbanks with a nice long step up in the middle on the other then down the side maybe have one run with a huge rolling leading to a foam pit just to keep people happy

  62. bazil2011 says:

    foam pit rezzi and spines without copings and a bowl to step up like deeside

  63. jeesh says:

    bring on the foam pit and resi ramps!!! be better than adrenaline alley in Corby!!!

  64. Kieran Rowley says:

    Street for days! roof is too low for anything else! when will it be done?

  65. tom says:

    Rezzy Rezzy

  66. dave says:

    Foam pit

  67. Myke Gregory says:

    *Insert foam pit comment here*

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  69. Tom says:

    Fkn foam pit why not !

  70. Kieran says:

    rails and ledges for days! is there a date for completion??

  71. nathan says:

    foam pit/stairs with rails

  72. Jake Cook says:

    Street section for skateboarders 🙂

  73. SKATE says:

    Definitely make it a skate plaza, it’s stupid how much of the park bmxers already have. Need to make more room for the skaters, that’s why I haven’t been to rampworx in months..

  74. bill says:

    rampworx needs more steps

  75. adam sadler says:

    foam pit

  76. Brendan Thomo says:

    Foam pit and street section please 🙂

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