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Rampworx Review: AO Stealth Deck

By 10th March 2015 Scooter, Video

We thought we would give you guys a more detailed overview on the AO Stealth Deck, and who better to review it than our local rider Indy Clayson who is constantly shredding the park on his own AO Stealth Deck.


At Rampworx Skatepark we are always trying to bring you the best and most popular products on the market. This is our first of many product reviews. We will also make these videos to inform you guys of what products are coming out and whats already been released and talk you through all of their specifications. This is our way of trying to help you guys find the perfect product to let you session all day.

Sit back and relax as we let Indy tell you how good this Stealth deck from AO Scooters really is! Don’t forget you can grab one from our online store here.


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