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Video: SCS Scooter Compression Tutorial

By 8th June 2015 Shop, Video

The world of scooter compression systems can be a very confusing world if you don’t know what your doing. You can end up buying the wrong parts or a mixture of incompatible parts. We decided to put together a video series explaining the different types of scooter compressions to help you better understand how to build and maintain your dream scooter.

SCS Scooter Compression. Standard Compression System

In this video we explain what is an SCS compression system (Standard Compression System). This is one of the most popular types of compression systems by our local riders and for good reason, it is seen as one of the more secure systems and opens up a huge range of customisation options.

One of the main things you must be aware of when buying your SCS is that you will need bars without a slit in them, or if your bars do have a slit in them then you will need to cut it off the bottom of the bars. Rampworx offers a FREE bar modification service when purchasing parts from our shop. Traditional your SCS clamp will be taller than a traditional collar clamp, this means that the height of your bars will not be effected if you must trim the bottom off them off.

SCS Clamp top view

SCS systems will also in some cases require some headset spacers. The headset spacers raise up the SCS camp to allow the forks to fit just bellow the inner ledge in your SCS clamp. Once your forks are just below this ledge you can fit in the top cap and screw it into the forks which will hold your compression system together. Remember to not over tighten the top cap as it will not spin!

You can buy everything you need for your SCS scooter compression system here: http://rampworxshop.com


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