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Jordan Wright – Crosby High School

By 15th July 2015 Charity

Over the past few weeks, we have been visiting Crosby High Specialist Humanities College, as part of our outreach work in the community. The children were first introduced to scooters and bmx, and using cones, games and our structured coaching checklist, we were able to build confidence, stability, balance and basic scooter/bmx skills in the group.


One boy, Jordan Wright (aged 15), has never been able to ride a bike. After a few sessions with Jordan, our coaches were able to teach him to not only ride a bmx, but turn, weave in and out cones and stop safely.

Jordan’s mum was delighted when he came home and told her he had learned how to ride a bmx. Jordan was brought straight to the skatepark after school, and had a 1-1 coaching session with one of our bmx instructors.



We consider it a huge success when our community coaching projects can have such a positive impact on even just one person. Jordan did amazing on his lesson, and received excellent feedback from his coach. We can’t wait to have him back at the skatepark!


If you would like any information at all on what we do within the community, how we can help your school/college/uni/group, or to simply find out how to go about your first visit to Rampworx, call 0151 530 1500!

You can also check out our website to see the many different types of coaching, outreach projects, parties, hire outs and just general information on how to become a regular user of the skatepark. Well done Jordan!


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