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Rob Godfrey’s A Step in the Right Direction Appeal

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Help Rob raise £50,000 for a ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton suit (http://rewalk.com/)

Rob Godfrey was one of the founder members of Rampworx back in 1997. Rob unfortunately had a tragic accident in July 2012 leaving him with life changing injuries.

Rob fell 25ft through a roof and was rushed to Walton Hospital Liverpool UK, He suffered head injuries that caused swelling to the brain and a life changing T12 spinal injury that has left him paralysed from the waist down.
Rob spent 11 months in hospital and was faced with never being able to walk again. He now has a chance to gain some normality in his life with your help.
Rob now has a massive task ahead of him to raise the £50,000 to change his life. He is determined to walk again and with your help his dream could become a reality.
Many of you will know that Rob was such an integral part of the development of our organisation and his commitment and dedication to providing a world class facility for old and young riders to enjoy. His dedication and hard work transformed the lives of so many young people and his work continues to this day.
We are hoping that you would take the time to donate as little or as much as you can to help this unsung hero of the Extreme Sports world in appreciation for what he has developed and achieved over the years.
Rampworx will continue to support Rob on his journey.
Help Rob with his fundraising by donating to his link https://www.youcaring.com/robgodfrey-910871

Get FREE Coaching at Rampworx!

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FREE Coaching at Rampworx

We have 50 FREE COACHING PLACES a week at Rampworx this summer for Sefton Residents and Sefton Youth Groups aged 11 and over as part of an initiative to reduce crime and anti social behaviour in the area. Coaching is available in BMX, Scooter, Inline or Skatebaord.

Coaching times are Wednesday 4-7PM, Thursday 6-8PM, Friday 6-8PM and Saturday 10-12PM and all equipment is provided.

You can book your place here.

Jordan Wright – Crosby High School

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Over the past few weeks, we have been visiting Crosby High Specialist Humanities College, as part of our outreach work in the community. The children were first introduced to scooters and bmx, and using cones, games and our structured coaching checklist, we were able to build confidence, stability, balance and basic scooter/bmx skills in the group.


One boy, Jordan Wright (aged 15), has never been able to ride a bike. After a few sessions with Jordan, our coaches were able to teach him to not only ride a bmx, but turn, weave in and out cones and stop safely.

Jordan’s mum was delighted when he came home and told her he had learned how to ride a bmx. Jordan was brought straight to the skatepark after school, and had a 1-1 coaching session with one of our bmx instructors.



We consider it a huge success when our community coaching projects can have such a positive impact on even just one person. Jordan did amazing on his lesson, and received excellent feedback from his coach. We can’t wait to have him back at the skatepark!


If you would like any information at all on what we do within the community, how we can help your school/college/uni/group, or to simply find out how to go about your first visit to Rampworx, call 0151 530 1500!

You can also check out our website to see the many different types of coaching, outreach projects, parties, hire outs and just general information on how to become a regular user of the skatepark. Well done Jordan!

Video: Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline 2015 

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Once again, Rampworx welcomed Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, an organisation that supports the children and families who were most affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986.


The project supports children and families in Belarus, the country most affected by the Chernobyl disaster, by bringing children to Britain for recuperative holidays and holidays for disabled children from orphanages. Rampworx was pleased to offer a 5 hour private coaching session to give them the opportunity to ride BMX’s, Scooters, Skateboards and Inline Skates, some for the first time.
Coaches were on hand to offer tips and hints to the young people so that they could improve their skills and have fun. Each child was given a Rampworx goodie bag as a memento to their special day.

This special friendship is now in its 5th Year and we look forward to welcoming another group of young people from Chernobyl, next year.

Check out the video to see how they got on during their visit.


Video: Outreach with Birkenhead Park School

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Rampworx has just completed a 12 month health and sports development programme, with Birkenhead Park School acting as the final leg of a mammoth, but successful project.

The initiative, funded by the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Group, was designed to address a range of health issues and behaviours that they were particularly vulnerable to; including poor diet, obesity, mental health and lack of exercise.


Co-ordinated by PE teacher Ian Gauntlett and his team we successfully delivered 5 weeks of outreach work at the school offering 2 hours of sports coaching; including Scooter and BMX along with our portable ramps.


As a reward for their hard work, commitment and excellent behaviour, the school was invited to an exclusive session at Rampworx when the park was not open to the public.

Check out the video that our very own coach, Molly Edwards put together.

For more enquiries about booking Rampworx for outreach work please call 0151 530 1500.

Video: Rampworx visits Oldershaw School

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Rampworx continued their ongoing health and sports development project with a 6 week project in partnership with Oldershaw School, Wallasey, Wirral.

The project, part of twelve month programme funded by the NHS, is designed to address a range of health issues and behaviours that they were particularly vulnerable to; including poor diet, obesity, mental health and lack of exercise.


In addition to the weekly 2 hours of extreme sports coaching, the school offered weekly lessons on improving their health and behaviour with a structured programme of physical activity and healthy lifestyle education.

Oldershaw Academy is based in Liscard, Wallasey. A mixed school, which has been established for over 90 years, caters for over 1000 pupils largely from the deprived areas, of  Seacombe, Liscard, Moreton, Birkenhead and Leasowe.


This project, with the help of Head of PE, Jason Gilbert targeted a group of 40 young people who, ordinarily, would not participate in sport and physical activity.

Overall the project was a fantastic success with 40 school children getting involved and gaining a whole host of useful skills and knowledge about how to live healthier lives with practical and meaningful ways to implement it. They even enjoyed a 2 hour coaching session all to themselves at our very own Skatepark, in Aintree.


Well done to everyone who got involved and thanks to the staff at Oldershaw for helping us to deliver the project.

The next sports and health project is due to start on the 21st April at the University Academy Birkenhead. 

Video: Rampworx Mental Health Awareness Project

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As part of Rampworx continued commitment to developing and assisting vulnerable young people from the local area, we recently applied to the Mark Mc Queen Foundation for funding to host a series of free educational workshops and sports coaching designed to educate, engage and inform a targeted group of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people aged 14 and over about mental health issues, problems, treatments and services that are available to them. Crucially, it was about educating them around the signs, symptoms and support which is available to them if they, or their friends were struggling with a mental health issue.


For those of you who don’t know, the Mark Mc Foundation has been set up by the McQueen family from Merseyside in loving memory of their son Mark, who tragically took his own life in June 2007. The Foundation supports young men struggling with emotional and mental health issues via community projects and specialist charities. The Foundation’s ultimately wishes to help young men find their place in the world. You can view this excellent foundation here – http://www.markmcqueenfoundation.com


The Mark Mc Queen Foundation kindly agreed to fund a 6 week education and sports based project to challenge a range of mental health issues. With the help of Carmel Farley at Liverpool NHS, this project will is a campaign to directly challenge the issues, stigma and negative mind-set about mental health issues. So far, it has targeted young people who (or who have friends) who are experiencing mental health problems and invited them to take part in a series of private taster sessions at Rampworx to help boost their confidence and self esteem. The workshops, which have been well attended and inspired some health discussion about mental health issues, have had a particular focus on depression and suicide which is the biggest killer in young men aged 18-24 and a major concern for young females as they make the transition into adulthood, particularly in relation to body image, sex and relationships.


The project will be working towards a climactic finale in February 2015, whereby, the young people will be helping Rampworx, Liverpool NHS, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Chris Carney from Threshold Festival, host a Mental Health Awareness Day with live bands, music, extreme sports and coaching designed to raise awareness about mental health issues amongst young people. From now, until the end of the project, Rampworx and Liverpool NHS will help signpost young people to other relevant professional services available, such as YPAS, CAMHS, and Liverpool/Sefton NHS.

For more information about this, or other development projects that you want to support, or get involved in please contact Tony Berry on 0151 530 1500.

Video: Rampworx in the Community

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Rampworx recently teamed up with Claremount Specialist Sports College to deliver a brilliant 6 week health and sports related project and designed to address a range of health issues and behaviours that they were particularly vulnerable to; including poor diet, obesity, lack of exercise.

setting up ramps

Claremount School, which is based in Moreton, Wirral works with pupils aged 11-16 with varying learning difficulties, ranging from ADHD, Aspergers and Autism. The purpose of the school is to identify the learning difficulties of each student in order to provide individual education plans to promote and enhance academic, personal and social skills. The curriculum enables students to be prepared for the adult world, encouraging self-sufficiency and confidence to work successfully within society.

alex coaching

This was a great opportunity for Rampworx to get out into the community and impact on the lives on some vulnerable young people. Teachers from Claremount, identified young people to attend the project. Each weekly session consisted of 45-60mins focusing on a specific health theme, such as diet, exercise and water intake. This was then followed by 2 hours of extreme sports coaching which included scooter and BMX with all equipment and ramps provided. A real challenge for some young people was the lack of skills and confidence that they had in participating in the sports that we cater for. Some had never ridden a bike before and others, because of their disability, could not even stand on a scooter. However, after a few sessions every single pupil had made real progress with their motor skills, confidence and health behaviours. Rewards and incentives were given to pupils who made particular effort with stickers, hats, and wrist bands.

healthy eating

Each child was individually assessed prior to, during and at the end of the project to evaluate how they have improved their knowledge, health, confidence and other personal skills over the course of the project. This included height, weight, diet and medication, if appropriate. On a weekly basis, we recorded activity levels, eating habits, water intake and the reduction of junk food and increase of healthy foods. There were weekly presentations and practical sessions hosted by the teachers at Claremont who did some great work in educating and encouraging the young people to eat and drink more healthily whilst improving their activity levels.


The final session took place at Rampworx, with 15 school children getting the whole skatepark to themselves. Overall the project was a fantastic success. Over 40 school children accessed the project an gained a whole host of useful skills and knowledge about how to live healthier lives with practical and meaning ways to implement it.

Rampworx Hats

The next Rampworx outreach project is due to start  in the New Year with a group of vulnerable young people in Seacombe, Liscard and Wallasey. We’ll be sure to get of video of that too!

tony thumbs up

For more information about Rampworx could help your school, please contact Tony Berry on 0151 530 1500, or fill in our booking form!

We need your Liverpool Echo Newspaper!

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liverpool echo wish foundation

Rampworx Skatepark is raising funds to build a NEW skatepark on the Wirral in Seacombe. This new skatepark will be 27,000 square foot and provide a safe environment for a variety of alternative sports and activities to help benefit the local young people. However, we need your help!!! The Liverpool Echo has composed a list of charities for you the readers to help support.

All you have to do is turn to page 14 of your Liverpool Echo and bring the vouchers printed inside to the skatepark or one of our shops. The charity that manages to collect the most vouchers will end up getting some funding towards our project!

Thanks for your support!