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Buyers Guide: Top 5 Reasons you need an MGP MFX Deck

By 18th March 2015 Feature, Scooter, Shop

MGP MFX Deck Chrome

The NEW Limited Edition MFX Deck‘s from MGP have just landed in the Rampworx Shop so we thought we would give you our two cents on why these decks are on everyones wish list.

Ryan Williams MFX Deck

1. The MFX Deck has been tested by one of the best rider on the planet for over two years before production.

Now, there is not a much better seal of approval than having Ryan Williams throwing one of these MFX decks over a mega ramp day in day out on a world tour with Nitro Circus. If it can handle the demands of R Willys insane level of riding and 100 ft disaster gaps on a daily basis then you can be sure it can take whatever you can throw at it at your local spot and then some.

MFX Deck Chrome

2. It’s the prefect width for street or park riding.

The MFX Deck ticks all the boxes in this area, no matter if your a street head and only hit up ledges and rails or if you prefer to bust out a flair at your local skatepark the MFX is built for it all. The super wide flat bottom available in two sizes 4.5″ and 4.8″ and comes in 21″ long which makes it perfect for locking into boardslides and lipslides. It also comes with boxed edges making those fingerwhips and grinds easier than ever before. The wide deck also ensures your feet have maximum room when grinding  and with a nice subtle 3mm concave throughout the deck for extra grip and comfort. This is also a huge plus when you come to landing air tricks as your landing area just got that little bit bigger.

MFX Deck Bottom

3. It’s super light and strong!

The tricky part when it comes to making a deck is finding the perfect balance between strength and weight. Too light and it bends and cracks and too heavy and it’s not rideable. With MGPs extrusion technology they have managed to get the MFX Deck weight to just 1.8Kgs! The MFX deck has shaved off all that extra weight found in traditional older decks but without compromising on the strength and reliability that MGP has become famous for. All the stress points in the deck have been reinforced to give you a guaranteed solid ride and it even comes with a new Scalloped 3D Forged 84 degree DownTube!

MFX Deck Chrome

4. It’s worth way more then £100!

Now some people think £100 for a deck is expensive, but for the amount of quality you are buying you can be sure it’s money well spent. The only reason the MADD scientist behind the MFX deck are able to make this deck so cheap is because of MGP’s extensive production and distribution network. If some other companies where to release a scooter deck with this much research, development and new technology (not to mention years of testing) It would cost twice the price! In our humble opinion this deck is worth closer to the £160-£200 mark. The MFX is great value for money at just £100!


5. It’s super Limited Edition!

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be riding the same scooter as every other guy in the skatepark. The MFX deck is super limited edition, so make sure you grab one before they are all gone!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your MFX deck here and hit up the skatepark.

Bonus reason

You get 2 free sessions to Rampworx Skatepark worth £15 when you buy a MFX Deck here!


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