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January 2010

FREE Orange Sim Cards, 1,000 FREE TEXTS!!!

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The good people over at Orange have hooked you guys up! Everyone texts right? We most likely text more than we call each other, wether your arranging a session with your mates, texting girls (we know you guys) or just telling your Mum you love her. You need texts, well our friends over at Orange understand this and want to help you guys out.

Orange have sent us a load of SIM cards for you guys, each SIM card has 1,000 FREE TEXT MESSAGES on it. Not only this but they are on the “Monkey Tarriff” this means you get free music and 300 texts every month when you top up with £10!

To get your hands on one of these SIM Cards just ask at reception at the park and keep an eye out for the weekly freebies!


This is subject to Oranges Terms and conditions on the Monkey Tarriff, £10 top up gets you 300 free texts and music + a Rampworx bonus of 1,000 texts.

Underground Vibes

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We stumbled across this really cool video the other day of a skateboarder. Worth a watch if you have a minute free in the day.

I don’t intend for this to be viewed as just another skate video. I think we tend to forget and lose ourselves in a word filled with competition, money and politics. 

It’s not about tripods, rails, or half pipes. nor is it about trying to cram as many tricks into a clip as you can. 

This is Beyond that.

This takes it back to the Basics, the reason we all started to do what we do.

For the love of what we do, because it’s a passion, and to put it quite simply, for fun.

This video is meant to take you on a Visual Journey.

My Interpretation of a place i once called Home myself.


Come Follow SHINGO and I, as We cruise the night streets of Shibuya & Harajuku!!

Respect to (TeeNineteen + Carnival)

Thank you for Making this Possible.

Audio Track –
DJ Krush – {Roll & Tumble} – {Krush}


Skateboarding at 120fps

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This is crazy! We all know filming and skating goes hand in hand, but if you have some serious cash lying around you could buy a RED camera. RED make amazing cameras. The above is filmed at 120 frames per second, can you imagine if all your edits looked like this?

Matt D in Las Vegas – WRS Weekend

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This is not a skate edit as such, Brazil took care of that one for you all (vimeo.com/7409793) just more of a video diary of the happenings over the weekend.

So i made a last minute dash over to Las Vegas for the World Rolling Series Final to see some friends and have some meetings.

Vegas is one of the craziest cities i have visited. Room service, gambling, alcohol, skating and tigers?

Brian Aragon took the World Champ title after a non stop season competing and winning around the globe.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip a great one. Sven, Andy, Dick, Chaz, Kato, Brazil, Kola, Stew, Mike, Brian, Cirque du Soleil guys, everyone.