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September 2014

Video: BMX Call The Shots #1

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At Rampworx we believe in a few things; some of these things are have fun and making each other learn tricks no matter what happens. When it comes to BMX in 2014 its all about progression.

Progression is defined by learning and improving; where is the fun in that…? Well, our locals have been killing it since 1997 and we felt like it was time to show you. We asked you on our social media channels what BMX tricks you wanted to see our riders do and on what ramp. Despite some farfetched request we have managed to cherry pick the finest requests and create this video featuring: Phil Larkin, Ben Carragher, Owen Page, Curtis Taylor, Mike Hullock, Alex Nener, Jamie Ricketts and Gary Spencer.

These are only a handful of our locals and you can expect many more of these videos in the near future showcasing more riders, tricks, Stylish and us just having a laugh in our plywood playground.

Filmed and Edited by Keith Melia
Song: Alphabet Pony – Mind Games

For more about us, video and our shop you can click the links below. Don’t Forget Who You Are!

Video: MADD Gear Summer Maddness

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After a crazy time at the ISA world finals and ScootFest at Rampworx the week before the MGP Team hit the road.

Archie Cole MGP Rampworx Double Flair

Watch Ryan Williams, Archie Cole, Gus Rymer, Jeremy Malott, Jamie Hull, Jared Colwell and Richard Zelinka travel to some of the best skateparks in the UK, including Rampworx. The MGP stacked up some seriously sick clips along the way. What Ryan Williams does on our wave ramp is just complete MADDNESS!

Sit back and enjoy some crazy riding from the guys!

Filmed/Edited by the one and only – Ricky Johnson.

You can buy MGP Scooters from the Rampworx Shop.

Artist – AutoLaser
Track – IKNOW

The song is free to download at – HERE!

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Video: RedBull Local Hero Tour 2014

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A few weeks back RedBull loaded up a mini bus with some of the best riders on the planet and hit up a bunch of indoor skateparks in the UK, including Rampworx! By the time the guys hit Rampworx Kris Kyle had already hurt his knee defying gravity on a curved wall ride, but the guys did not disappoint and put on a great demo and session. 

Kriss Kyle RedBull House of Vans

Watch the video above and see what happened when Kriss KyleAnthony PerrinSimone Barraco and Bruno Hoffman went on a six day journey across the UK to hit up the best parks our country has to offer. 

Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert, so you know its a banger.

Video: 5 Minutes With 10 Year Old Josh Rainsford

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Meet Joshua Rainsford; one of our most local skateboarders. Josh has been skateboarding for 3 years now and we have only seen this kid improve. How many 10 year olds can do all this?

When Josh isn’t clearing gaps or doing 360 fly outs he has the most technical trick sessions with our local pro skater Keith Melia. Keith had this to say.

Josh Rainsford Skateboard Rampworx

Keith – “I love skating with little Josh! This kid only want to learn the hardest and most technically tricks and ignore learning the basics. Where as most people would fail, Josh succeeds.”

Rampworx – “What would you say the future holds for Joshua?”

Keith – “I’m already scared about losing a game of S.K.A.T.E to Josh. He has gotten me on letters before but recently he’s been coming out with tricks that make me stop and think about what he will come up with next week. The kids insane!