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May 2014

Video: Dialed Scooter Comp 2014

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Dialed took place at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool on May 10th and featured some of the best stunt scooter riders on the planet battling it out for the #1 spot in the UK’s biggest skatepark!

We had some of the biggest names in the sport turn up to compete at the event from 2 time world champion and Lucky Pro rider Dakota Schuetz to UK heavyweights Lewis Williams (Crisp Pro) and  Ryan McNamara (Grit Pro).

The contest was split into 3 different contests. The first event was the AM contest which allowed the top 10 riders to progress through into the pro comp, this is where the next big riders can be found. Next we progressed onto the Street Plaza contest which was ran in a best trick format with the winner taking home a cool £200! Finally we moved onto the main event, the Pro contest! The winner of this contest would walk away with £1000 cash and the title of the first Dialed Comp Champion.

Dialed Sponsorship Page 1

This event was only made possible through the amazing support from our sponsors Crisp Scooters, Grit Scooters, Lucky Scooters, Ripped Knees Scooter Shop, Chilli Pro Scooters, Zinc Scooters, AO Scooters, Elyts Shoes, 841 Wheels, Rapture Hardware, Slamm Scooters, Scoot Mag and MGP Action Sports. Please support these brands and help them continue to support you the riders!

1. Dakota Schuetz / £1000
2. Ryan McNamara / £500
3. Lewis Williams / £200
4. Archie Cole
5. Mason Leonardi
6. Luke Churchill
7. Fin Daly
8. Martin Nogol
9. Hunter Schuetz
10. Dan Avery
11. Soly Bloomfield
12. Jamie Hull
13. Stan Ash
14. Sam Kefford
15. Ollie Murphy
16. Brad Ackerman
17. Louis Rumens
18. Chay Lane
19. Enzo Commeau
20. Jacques Honour
21. Darren Simpson
22. Jake Taylor
23. Callum Edge
24. Jack Keenan
25. Jay Simpson
26. Charlotte Worthington
27. Kyle Cropper
28. Moltar Schuzlakey
29. Charley Dyson
30. Jordan Davies-Radford
31. Jake Smith
32. Owen Mcnamara
33. Liam Griffiths
34. Jack Williams
35. Elliott Arnold
36. Paul Sahm
37. Liam Nythe
38. Tom Holt
39. Devon Low

Enzo Commeau

1. Fin Daly
2. Darren Simpson
3. Sam Kefford
4. Callum Edge
5. Jordan Davies-Radford
6. Jay Simpson
7. Liam Nythe
8. Louis Rumens
9. Owen Mcnamara
10. Jack Williams
11. Charley Dyson
12. Dexter Williams
13. Oli Spooner
14. Charlie Doyle
15. Alex Batista
16. Kian Nythe
17. Leo Grant
18. Alfie Mann
19. Mike Chinn
20. Roy Savage
21. Jacob Dean
22. Nathaniel Anderson
23. Ellis
24. Elliot Anderson
25. George Anderson

Video: London Street Jam

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AO Scooter Pro Cory Vanlew just won the London Street Jam! Everyone knows that the Elyts team is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to street and they have proved just that over the past few weeks touring Europe and winning just about every contest going!!


Cory killed it at Rampworx at the Dialed comp and then went on to a win in London, rocking a Red Rampworx Bobble Hat!! This guy is insane, if you watch one video today make sure it is this one.

Video: Chris Haffey Open Season

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Remz Pro rider Chris Haffey has been around the world and back again touring with Nitro Circus. There’s a reason for this, because Haffey is an absolute machine when it comes to going big or going home.


Chris Haffeys latest video Open Season shows just why the Remz pro is a contracted athlete with Nitro. Click play and see just how big he can go whilst destroying the Mega Ramp.

You can buy Remz Pro Skates from the Rampworx Shop here.

Rampworx is hosting Scoot Fest! August 9/10th 2014

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We are super hyped to announce that Rampworx Skatepark will be hosting Scoot Fest North!! This years Scoot Fest will be split up inato two separate weekends kicking off at Rampworx Skatepark on August 9/10th.

Rampworx will be hosting the UK Championships, International Best Trick Contest and Scoot Fest AM Jam!! Not only that but they are flying in the best scooter riders in the world to compete!!!

Big News as Scootfest hosts ISA World Champs for the Second Year and

Goes Multi-Site!

Scootfest 2014 launches its brand new multi-site events to satisfy scooter fans across the UK. Following in the footsteps of some mighty music festivals, Scootfest will spread its billing which includes the 2014 ISA World Championships over 2 main events that hit the North and South of the country and will be linked by a Roadtrip of 4 Scootfest Demo Nights to be released at a later date.

Scootfest North and Scootfest South will be staged on consecutive weekends and will each offer a distinct and different line-up, while being united in offering something for all levels of rider. Ultimately, the new events will deliver more parks, more riding time and bring the Scootfest experience closer to its fans.

Scootfest North (Rampworx, Liverpool) runs 9th & 10th August and features an International Superstar line-up including 2 time World Champion Dakota Schuetz for the Scootfest Best Trick, whilst gathering the Best of British for the UK Championships and opening its doors to all in the Scootfest Am Jam.

Scootfest South (Rush, Stroud) runs 16th & 17th August and hosts the ISA World Championships and International Street Sessions plus a Southern Scootfest Am Jam. Once again, the top 50 riders on the planet will be flying in to Scootfest to lay it on the line in a bid to become the 2014 ISA World Champion.

By working with 2 of the country’s largest and most respected parks, we get to customise amazing venues with Scootfest’s winning accessories to build the ultimate complete. Both Scootfest North and Scootfest South will have something for all abilities and ages of scooter fans, soeither take your pick or treat yourself and hit up both!Further details and Ticket sales for Scootfest North and Scootfest South

can be found at WWW.SCOOTFEST.CO

See you there.

The second leg of Scoot Fest South will be taking place at Rush Skatepark the following weekend 16/17th August.