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January 2010

Support the Winterclash!!

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Winterclash needs your support! That’s not just a lame slogan – it’s a fact!
The Winterclash 2010 will be a step into a new direction for Rollerblading events and for Rollerblading itself. However, in order to take this step, your support is truly needed!
This year we will have less sponsors than expected. Thus, the financing of the Winterclash 2010 is getting a bit tricky right now and it looks like there will be a huge minus after the event. The worst case scenario is: There will be no future for the Winterclash after 2010!
It is in YOUR hands now because you can support the event and save its future by buying a “Weekend Pass” instead of a day ticket!  Order it right now in one of our partner shops and become a strong supporter.  We need YOU to live on.

These are the shops where you can get your tickets:






35€ seems like a lot, but think about what’s included: 2 full event days, 2 parties, cheaper hotel rooms and that’s just the basics. For 35€ you will be part of the biggest event in Rollerblading. You will meet all the old and so many new friends, share great moments, see the best Rollerblading today, meet all the Pros, party hard, roll hard, enjoy…..

We fully appreciate your support and we can’t wait to see you soon in Berlin!
The Winterclash Team

The Roxy Team are Walking on Sunshine!

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A great video from our friends over at Roxy, unfortunately we cant walk on sunshine due to the awesome English weather we are having, but we can dream and this video helps.

Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas, Lisa Wiik and the rest of the Roxy Team are Walking on Sunshine! The girls sing and dance their way through the streets and the mountains of Morocco, America, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria to put this smile on your face!

Jug Goldberry High Tops “Are You Golden?” Commercial

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JUG Footwear has been offering you high quality footwear for several years now, but the colours have always been, well normal. But now they have yet again raised the bar with these brand new shoes branded the “Goldenberry”. Check out this commercial made the one and only Brazilionaire featuring USD and JUG pro Billy O’neil and NYC local Sam Williams!


We met Sam at the Brooklyn Banks comp in NYC a few years ago, cool guy, even cooler now he has Gold Shoes!!

Zack Williams – FAT FAVOURITES

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Rampworx local Zack Williams is one of the best up and coming BMX riders in the UK. He has just had a feature up over on FAT BMX Magazine, check it out! Keep an eye out for this guy.

Name: Zack Williams
Age: 17
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Hoffman bikes, Vans shoes, Seventies distribution, Rampworx skatepark

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Rampworx
-BMX video: no front teeth
-Website: google
-Web video: all of Harry Main’s
-Food: kfc
-Travel destination: Annecy, France
-Riders to ride with: all my friends
-Car: Shelby Mustang GT 500
-Movie: 300

-Colour: red
-Shoes: Vans
-Bike company: Hoffman bikes
-BMX contest: Fise

-Bike shop: Rampworx shop
-Restaurant chain: kfc
-Clothing company: Vans
-Phone: Nokia 3310
-Music: dance

-Ramp rider: Drew Bezanson
-Street rider: Sean Burns
-Dirt rider: Chris Doyle
-Flatland rider: fakie Jay
-Old school rider: Matt Hoffman

-Drink: oasis
-Trick: 360
-BMX Magazine: Ride bmx UK
-BMX MC: Catfish/DJ

-Video game: Guitar hero
-BMX photographer: Daniel Benson
-Girl: my girlfriend
-Sport besides BMX: sleeping
-Party: any!

Janiece Myers to perform at Ladies Day

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Janiece Myers is an extremely talented singer/ songwriter and a new breed of Urban Pop talent set to take the UK Scene by storm. From performing across the UK at top events to working with some top UK talent such as Davinche, Virgo and Rampworx favourite KOF, Janiece is setting herself up to be one of the top new faces in 2010.

Janiece’s debut EP is in the polishing stages and will be out for FREE DOWNLOAD on 18th March 2010 from www.janiecemyers.com. It features production by Virgo, The Elementz, Jay Norton, Kev Willow and more.

For more info check out her Myspace, Facebook and of course Twitter!